Posted by: Heather | March 29, 2011

Flight Info

Hello and Good Morning to everyone out there

I was up at 7:30 this morning, since I had the lovely task of cramming all my gear back into my bag.
Even though ive bought a lot of little things here and there, everything still fits into my bag…it makes me wonder what im missing…
I´m down three socks, one undershirt/tank top, and one blue pen. Not all that bad really. The three socks were all different.
My flight number is EIO565
Departs from Barcelona Terminal 2 at 22:35
Arrives in Dublin Terminal 2 at 00:10
Seat- A1
Flying with Aer Lingus

When I bought my ticket I had to pick a seat. The economy seat are 5 euros and the first class seats are 10 euros. Tough choice, but in the end I decided to pay the extra 5 euros. 🙂

My Hostel is Abraham House.

I´ve heard some very conflicting stories about this airport, so i´m going to be there around 5-6ish. Should leave me plenty of time should anything unexpected happen.

If you google St. jordi hostel and look under images, you should be able to see the dragon logo. It’s so cute. I bought the hostel shirt with logo  on it.  🙂

Next post should come from Dublin…  🙂

Love Ya´s

Posted by: Heather | March 28, 2011

The roomies and naked men

Hello Again!!

First I promise to make my first priority (after checking in to the new hostel) to get some pictures up.

The roomies are horrible! Their French and Brazilian. ugg….where to begin? Okay they go out partying every night, (ive no problem with that), but they come back around 3am. then they spend about an hour unwinding, before getting ready for bed. So from 3am to about 5am i´m awake. every night for the last three? nights.
Then when i pull myself out of bed around 9, I get glares and the light shut off on me. The frenchie shut the light off. so i opened the shutters 🙂

 It’s not my fault they have abnormal sleep patterns or that they sleep till 2pm everyday. I´ve paid just as much for that space as they did.

The kitchen in the apartment has only one frying pan but seven pots. They used the frying pan then left it there. I think they expected me to wash it for them. I went back to my old appt. and borrowed that one. 

I had lunch on the small balcony.
The apartments are set up like a C or an E without the middle part.
I watched other people on their balconies. One lady played opera music and sang along, another wore a bright green apron-smock thing while she cleaned. But what was most interesting was that a man was hanging out the wash. He was the first man ive seen doing this here. It took him a while to finish ,but when he steeped to the side of the balcony I realized that he was naked. 

On that subject, Kristian and Rylan came over for dinner again. They made the meal and I made the dessert. We had tacos!! yum!! its was so good! Kristian had bought a fitheta kit that was mane to be used with chicken, but used the spices on the beef. It was amazing! I´m going to see if i can find the kit when im back in the states.
While we were eating, she told me about the elephant man. Apparently there is an older man who walks the beaches here. Nude. He also is covered with tattoos. One tattoo is of an elephant, slightly lower than the waist, and when he walks his elephants trunk..swings. Not the best visual but that’s what Kristian told me.
Ahh the joys of Barcelona.
Tomorrow evening I´m flying with aer lingus to Dublin, sleeping in the airport till the busses start, then taking the bus to the new Hostel.

I think I’m going to be sad to leave this place. I’ve gotten to know the people and when I leave the chances that i ever see them again is so tiny.

on a happier note, here are a few bits of random knowledge that ive picked up.
If you want to see if the ice cream at a shop is good, look at the color of the banana. If its bright yellow, they make thier ice cream from a mix. If its gray its hand-made.
maps are very useful. just be sure the top of the map is north. some maps the top of the map is east. Bit confusing.
Dont try to haggle if you can’t speak the language. (funny to watch, but not the best idea )

Love ya´s!

Posted by: Heather | March 26, 2011

My 70th post

I woke up. (amazing right)
Took a shower, ate breakfast.
   fruit salad from last night
   toast with strawberry jam
   Peach juice with soy crap mixed in.

Since ive done everthing here that i want to do, I enjoyed a very nice morning of people watching. The weather is wonderful so I picked a nice sunny spot and watched people.
You see so many different types of people at the sights here. Old english people, young spanish familys out enjoying the weather, teens off shoping, roma and thier various scams, and my favorite, the american biker group compleat with their leather jackets, long hair and tattos.
After the sun went behind the clouds I decided to call it a day and headed back to the appartment.
I stoped and bought a donner kebab. It was amazing. a thick torteia with some lettus, onion, ground carrots, bits of chicken, some spicy sauce all rolled up and grilled.
it was lovely.
i stoped to buy so water and more juice. (non soy-ish this time) and met the receptionist. A very lovely lady about 23 from texes. She moved here 1.5 years ago to learn the language. i´m very glad to have met her. We have movie nights with popcorn and sangria.

My new roomies showed up last night-this morning. I had locked the dorm door prior to going to bed, and instead of getting out thier keys they kicked the door. I hadn´t been able to sleep and was in a crappy mood…So i put on my head phones and pretented to be asleep. …not my best choice of actions, but i felt vindicated by thier own selfishness.

Oh. 🙂
i bought a set of wooden clothes pins…I´m going to do all my clothes before my flight to dublin and didnt want to be creative with succuring my clothing. I was just going to draw on the clothes pins, but then I had a better idea. I put all your names on them.
so tomorrow we will all be hanging out in Barcelona together. hehehehe. I plan on leaving them here for the next person to use.
I´ll take plenty of pictures.

Love ya´s!!

Posted by: Heather | March 24, 2011


Today I realized that I had no clean clothes.
I have no Idea why i was suprized, but there i was 10 am, i had just swiched appartments. (Im now on the 6th floor. Eight stories off the ground. they dont cound the first two) Took a shower and realized nothing was clean.
I grabed my dirty gear, found the washing machine opened the door and had it come away from the machine.
The front load washer was broken.
So i put my clothes in, added some soap, wiggled the door back on, then pushed start. Naturely nothing happened. I wiggled the door again, and pushed start. The washer started up and worked great!

when my clothes were done, I realized that i didnt have any clothes pins. I had a line for clothes on the balconey, but no way to secure them.
I ended up buttoning my pants around the line, so the clothes line went through the fly. i tiyed my tanktops straps in bows around the line, but for my underwear I got very creative.
I went threw my bag and found my three luggage locks and used them to make sure they stayed on the line. 

I took picturs. The lady next door thinks im a bit odd.

In about an hour kristain is coming over with a friend, Im going to make pasta and veggies, their bringing dessert. Yum!
*Dinner went great! we had ice cream sundays for dessert then watched rush hour 3*

Love Ya´s

Posted by: Heather | March 24, 2011

Girls Day

Hello again,

Yesterday i went out with the group from italy. From north carolina, studying art in italy, we went and explored LA Rumba st and the market there.
We had a great time.
When i packed for my trip i planned for cold weather. Now its very warm, a handy little excuse to buy a few new items.

 Kristian (roomie from Venice) is comming over for dinner tonight, then were goin gto hang out and watch a movie…
In the mean time, I really need to do some laundry. Then í´m going our to a new park. Should be another lovely day.

While i was out yesterday, We walked by a little cany store called happy pills. you bought a clear plastic jar and filled it with candy. I bought one and filled it with gummy candys…but they didn´t have any frogs…only pigs, turtles, squid, ladybugs and brains. 🙂

Love Ya´s

Posted by: Heather | March 23, 2011


It is always the simple things that change our lives. And these things never happen when you are looking for them to happen. Life will reveal answers at the pace life wishes to do so. You feel like running, but life is on a stroll. This is how God does things.”

I talked with Elliot last night. I had been playing solitaire and he wanted me to teach him. I had thought everyone knew how to play.
Anyway he was missing home and started talking to me about his life. An accountant, working in California, loves the beach and is terrified of not living.
He told me about his list.
A list of Nine things he wanted to do.  
I don’t mean a Bucket List. It’s not a pointless list of farfetched romantic notions, with the objective of making an elugey easier when you die.
His list included taking a yoga class, seeing europe, and getting a job by the beach.

He gave himself three days to make a list, things that would make himself a better person, things that would make him happy, dreams he wanted to fulfill, things that needed to be done.
After those three days, he sat down and made one huge list then began to cross off the ones that were meaningless to him.
While going to every continent sounds cool, what would it really achieve? A nice bragging point, but an empty one. Off the list.
He whittled down the list, modifying here adding there, untill he had nine tasks that had meaning for him.
*sidenote He stopped in his story to make one point very clear each task-objective-goal-whatever-you-want-to-call-it, has to be measurable. No get fit, no live life to the fullest, no be a better person. You could still have those things, but they would need to be altered so they are measurable. Get fit could become do x amount of running-sit ups-ect.
The list doesn’t have to be nine, less or more is fine, that’s just what he came up with.

Okay, so far you thought about what to accomplish, adjusted till it was reasonable and had meaning. Great, right?
Now you can date it, laminate it, do whatever you want to it, then you have to share it with one other person, then tape-pin-post it somewhere where you will see it everyday.
Put it on your door, on the fridge, frame it and put it on the wall, save it as a picture and load it as the background of your monitor screen. Whatever you want. 
The last step is to start doing whats on that list.
In the back of my head i had been thinking, either this is a lead up to something i don’t really wanna hear, or someone spent too much time watching the religious channel.

So I asked him why he wanted a to-do list hanging on his door. The main reason turned out to be that so many of the people around him were to afraid to go after things they wanted. A friend of his wants to sky dive, but never has. Why? It was so simple to him, wanna skydive? find a place that does it and go skydive.

So he was afraid that he would not accomplish things that he wanted to do that led him to make a list.
Makes sence to me.

I´m not sure if I´ll make a list, or if i agree with the simplistic view he has on achievements. But it makes you think, what would you put on your list?
So if you would humor me,
Post one thing that you would put on your list.
Love yas

Posted by: Heather | March 21, 2011

Barcelona Still…


The weather had been great for the last few days, so i´ve been enjoying the parks and sights.  If the weather holds, i might come back with a slight tan…
I went to the sagrada familia today. Its the huge church that was planed out by Gaudi and will be finished in a few years. The inside was massive and lovely! i took lots of pictures!
I took the elevator to the top, steped out then remembered that I dont like hights…Made it down alright.  🙂 But I did get alot of great pictures from there too.
im really suprized that the memory card isnt full yet…

Barcelona is a wonderful place to be out and about, during the day. I really love the little park thats south of the hostel. I went there to people watch and enjoy the sunshine today.
I watched the barcelona FC game at the hostel the other night, (couldnt get tickets) the won. Most everyone stops what thier doing to watch the game. The reception guy stoped working to come and watch and pretended not to hear the phone ring. 🙂

eight days (i believe) untill i fly out to dublin.

Side note, one of my roomies thoght that lenardo de caprio painted the mona lisa, while the other one thought that the loch ness monster was in canada.
Great times. 🙂

Love ya!

Posted by: Heather | March 19, 2011

Good times.

I had the best night i´ve had in a very long time, thanks to two guys from CA. and one from New York.

I met my new roomies, Two guys from CA, backpacking around for the month. Then i headed off for my date with the tv. A few minutes later my two roomies joined me in watching Little Miss Sunshine. We were joined by another new friend, the amazing reception lady from Texas. (and one really odd guy..) After the movie we took a deck of cards back to the apartment and played 13 till around 11pm, when we were joined by a young New yorker, after a quick run through of the rules, we were off again.
I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard. I was crying and holding my side by the time we finally headed to bed.
The New Yorker is here for the weekend, but my roomies are here till the 22nd.

So tonight we´ve set a movie date, then i think ill join the sangreai party then more card games…
I learned how to play 13 last time i was in europe…sorta odd that i m playing it again here.
love ya!

Posted by: Heather | March 18, 2011


Yesterday and today have been wonderful! The sun came out, clear bright blue skys, it makes Barcelona look like the pictures in my book. 🙂

yesterday I headed out to see the La Ribera area. I walked to the Arc De Triomf, a mear 20 blocks from the hostel. Did you know that no one can say for sure what the Arc De Triomf was built to celebrate…odd.
Then I enjoyed people watching at the Parc De La Ciutadella, saw the regional parlament building, i love that its red and orange colored. The park was created when the Ciutadella fortress, built by Madrid to watch the restless population, was demolished. I really liked the waterfall-fountian thing. Gumby had a little photoshoot, so more pictures of him later.
I headed west of the park, my little guidebook had a old school apothocary listed and i wanted to see it. I bought some happy sented rose soap.
I stoped at the Església de Santa Maria Del Mar. Its Barcelonas most gracefull church. I spent about an hour just walking around staring at all the stained glass windows. I took pictures, but since i cant up load them here, you all will see them when im in ireland.
After the church i happily got lost and expored the side streets and little shops for a next couple of hours, I finlay ended up at the market i had wanted to see, the Mercat De  Santa Caterina…a lovely, simple market..but after seeing the Mercat De La Boqueria, (“one of europs´s best and most famous markets”) it was a bit of a let down.

I am enjoying the very simple and easy way of the culture here. wake up late, go to the corner store and buy fresh bread that was delivered that morning along with any selection of fruit, wander around seeing this and that untill lunch, (the food store across the street and many others close down for a three hour lunch) come back and enjoy and lunch at the appartment, then head back out till the sunlight starts to fade, then enjoy a lazy evening at the appartment watching movies and chatting with people from everywhere.
last night we talked about our favorite scams. haha heard some really good ones. luckly I havent been thick enough to fall pray to any scams.

This morning i had my fresh bread and orange, did my laundry…then headed out to Park Güell. The park was built by Gaudi, not sure what i think of the guys art work. its gingerbread houses and weird houses with bone like balconeys and scale-ish roofs. Not sure what his intentions were, makes me think of punk art but coated with hevy layers of fake cuteness. (if the tell-a-tubbys did punk it would look close) hmmm…take his bone house for example, it has balconeys resembling skulls but the house itslef lookes like he threw glitter at it. (Casa Batlló, if you want to google it)
I spent the entire day there, people watching, exploring and some gift shoping. when the gift has to be small and non breakable it really does make it a bit hard… 🙂

love Ya´s!

Posted by: Heather | March 15, 2011

When it Rains….

barcelona is having a storm. wind, rain, thunder and lighting. All the fun stuff.
The rain stoped around 2pm. So I grabed my umbrella and rushed out. I made it a little over half way to the park when the rain started up again. (or started down again 🙂  )
The amount of water coming down was so much in such a little time the few storm drains couldnt handle it and the roads soon became lakes. The water became so high, at one street the water was over my shoe!
I finaly made it back to the apparment, Soaked from mid thigh to my very wet toes. My lovely travel umbrella broke..the wind got it and snapped two little arms..Im sad, i really loved that umbrella…i think my roomie has ducktape…
my fantastic blue waterproof shell jacket kept the upper portion of my body dry, but somehow the hood collected water.
I took my jacket off in the elevater and received a small shower all down my back…

ive spent the rest of the day watching movies in the common area. marrie attoinette, the usual suspects and into the wild.
sad to say, but it looks like im going to be doing the same tomorrow….but wednesday is going to be sunny and rain free…keeping my fingers crossed…

oh, the title, when it rains… . I couldnt decide between “when it rains it pours” simple and classic or the less subtle…”when it rains you get wet” 🙂

(Spain like most of europe dont belive in Dryers. My pants are hanging off my bed…A very nice contrast to the pale walls and the less then creative attemps to disguise the fact that most people come here for the cheapness. )

Love ya´s

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