Posted by: Heather | April 14, 2011

London Sights


We’re in london.
Today we did all the usual sights, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Tower Hill, Hyde Park, Westminster Abby, London Eye and mom made sure we saw the white chapel area…(Jack the Ripper’s area)
We saw all this via hop on-hop off bus and the hop on-hop off boat. Ummm.. My favorite place was the Abby. I’ve seen a lot since I came over and Westminster Abby is on my Top five list.

Tomorrow we’ve booked a day tip to Stonehenge and Bath. Should be fun 🙂

Sad to say but most of my adventures have blurred together, jumbles of sights, exciting mixtures of foods, the happy oblivion of different hostel beds coupled with the faces of the people I have shared laughs, food, stories and favorite scams with. 

I remember so many things, odd things too. The horrible phone booth, the nightbus to berlin, walking through the rain in Barcelona laughing like a loon, Fajita Tacos with Kiristain and Rylan, Having a beer with Catie, Black sand beach in Santorini, Finding the edge of the city in Venice. My accidental service in Westminster, Tate modern and the Top Gun Peice, Alice the tour guide for lock ness, laughing till i cried with my two roomies from CA, Potato and Sausage Pizza in Rome, Learning to make Sangreai and more recently very sore feet while exploring  Versailles.

All right, Enough babbling for one night. 🙂
Love ya’s



  1. Don’t forget your shampoo and rubber duckie for Bath!! Say Hi to Ernie if he is still there (LOL). Your mom should be able to find her Birth Certificate at Stone Henge – should be fairly close to mine . . . . .

    Have to know – did you ride the London Eye?? If so, did you take LOTS of pics from the top? If not, why not???

    Can’t wait for you two to be home so we can see all the pics and hear the stories. Maybe next time you will get to be my tour guide!

  2. I so wish You could be my tour guide some day. Enjoy looking me up at stone hinge. Have fun..Miss Ya.. Are we there yet?

  3. Went out with some of my former co-workers tonight and had a chance to speak with Barbara, the woman originally from Scotland. I told her about your ghostie experiences. She got really excited and said it’s been known to happen. The fact that it happened to you twice means the ghostie likes you.

    I imagine you two are trying to get as much in before you fly home and probably won’t have much time to check your computer, so I’ll let you go.

    Hope you’re having fun. See you in a few days.

    Love ya.

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