Posted by: Heather | April 10, 2011

Paris….No Sleep And Day One

We boarded the bus, got good-ish seats. The bus was a double decker style with the bottom part being for bags and the top for people. The Area with the most leg room was taken over by short asians….not sure how they managed that..
Mom insisted on having the window..then fell asleep leaning words me…I on the other hand couldn’t fall asleep. I don’t know if it was her snorring, the motions of the bus, or just the general un-cozeyness of the seats. Around 0013 we all had to file off the bus to pass through passport control. Then about 20 minutes later, we had to get off again to board the ferry…then back on the bus, on and on….I got quite grumpy with no sleep. (If you use the window to sleep…you should get the window) 🙂
When we arrived in paris I already knew what metro lines to take so that part was easy. Our hostel is called the plug-in….anyway then we got off the metro, our first sight is Moulin Rouge. The hostel is only a two blocks away. One up and one over.
I made the reservations before leaving yesterday morning…Only problem is that i made them for the 12-14th..So when we stumbled in at 6am there was no booking for us…Joy
We’ve got that fixed, but the check in is at 3pm. Im so tired!

I want food.

Talk to you later
Love Ya’s

Hi Again, Its later, 1807 to be exact.
My brain is fried.

We saw the Eiffle Tower, The Louve and Notre Dame.
All were great.

okay, the first one and the third one are of my favorite painting, The Crowning of Josphein, The Secound one is From the inside of Notra Dame, The forth one is of Edinburgh Castle at sunset, The Elephant one is from the Elephant house cafe, The next two are of Inverness. The Last one is of Gumby and Pokey at the Clifs of Moher.
I will make my entire two thousand pictures avaliable online when i get back. Im having a hard time getting time to load them here.

Love ya’s!



  1. I see gumby caught up with pokey or maybe iy was the other way around..The pictures are wonderful. It will take a while to see them all. Hope you have kept a journal of where they were taken.
    Your Mom has always needed to be by the window when she’s on the ground. I think it’s on the isle in an airplane. The two of you have fun. You only have a few more days..Love ya both

  2. Hi Ladies
    Sounds like you two are having a great time together. Just think you will be home in about a week. Will be great to have you home again. I have gotten a lot of sewing done. We have had awful weather rain rain rain and more rain even had some snow last week not a lot just enough to let us know winters not over yet.
    Had cake and ice cream last night for Mac & Grandma last night. Chocolate cake and ice cream.
    Well its getting late and Papa wants to go to bed so will close for now.

    Love you both Papa & Grandma

  3. what time do you fly back in to seatac i need to know or you can walk home you should be use to that by then.

    • I think we’re back around 7pm . Havent received our flight info yet …

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