Posted by: Heather | April 8, 2011

More Ghostys and Edinburgh Again. AND Last night in Edinburgh

For our last day in Invernss we headed out to cullden battlefeild, (since my time on this ie really short and expencive, you’re jsut going to get the abridged version)
My audio guide stoped working about the same place as i heard the footsteps last time. I didnt notice at the time, But i did notice when you where at the well of the dead/well of the souls that my moms was talking and mine wasnt. So i tryed to turn it back on, i shook it, i shook it harder..nothing. A dead battery. Just my luck. ūüôā
We kept on going and as we where leaving the battlefeild i turned back and said Bye Bye Ghostys. Then my Audio Guide turned back on. With a full battery.
Does anyone know what ghost hunters group investigated this place? Would love to see it….From a very far distance…
I think mom was a bit put out that she didnt have anyone mass with her guide.

After the battlefeild, we took the bus back to inverness, grabed out gear and caught the next train to Edinburgh. We arrived, (amazing..right?) checked in and slept great.
Love ya’s!

That was a post that i saved to drafts rather then post…oops. sorry
Today mom  explored the castle,. followed by tea and shortbead at elephant house..the birthplace of harry potter..then a side trip to roslyn church..the last church in the (Da Vinchi Code)..we got back and realised that we had forgotten to buy contact sulution..another oops. We spent the last hour looking for some, but no luck. Mom is out on the Ghost tour, im going to eat, shower then crash.
Today was fun, I’m glad i waited to do roslyn church since mom enjoyed it

Tomorrow¬† we’ve got an 1.30 train to london (king cross station…hehehe) then a short tube ride to Victoria station for our overnight bus to Paris…

Love ya’s



  1. Ummm…you do realize that Harry Potter is a fictional character, right????

    Sounds like you’re have a great time – if a bit rushed.

    I’m telling you, the ghosties like you. Did you tell any of the specter Rosses hello?

    Look forward to your next blog. Glad things are going smoother this time around.

    Love to you both.

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