Posted by: Heather | April 6, 2011

My last night in Inverness.

Enjoyed sleeping in. šŸ™‚
We headed put to the ladies walk. Try and picture a narrow paved trail winding through trees along the river Ness with bridges and benches in the victorian style. It’s been one of my favorite places on this trip.
After the walk we headed over to the history/genology place. Looked up the Ross clan. Amusing start to the clan.

So far on my adventures I’ve collected odd bits here and there, nothing big, but these items have grown in numbers and their collective size is getting to large to continue to squese into my pack. I mailed a box with the few items mom had aquired so far. It should be arriving home before me. DO NOT OPEN! Thanks.
I took mom out for dinner at Castle Resturant. I had haggis again while sge had the daily special of samon. Mom had one bite of haggis and agreed with me in saying it tasted like meatloaf.
We headed back to the hostel and planed put the rest of the train/bus travel. Tomorrow we’re heading out to cullden battlefeild, then taking the train to edinburgh.

I’m sad sitting here knowing that tonight is my last night in Inverness. I’ll be back again someday. It’s such a lovely place.
*Grandma- I’m going to be buying the teacups in Edinburgh. : ) I haven’t forgotten.
* Daddy- we’ve ran out of beef jerky. It was really good! A bit greasy, bit very yummy. Thanks!

Love ya’s



  1. Maybe A couple others can tag along on your next trip.. It has been great (except the resp. infection) Have enjoyed coming home each evening and finding your entries,
    Love ya both.

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