Posted by: Heather | April 5, 2011

Planes, taxis, buses, trains and boats.

We started off our day with a early taxi ride to the airport. My blue monster (pack) had to be checked.
It was really cold so I found a heat vent and slept on top while I waited for the plane.
We landed in Edinburgh around 8:30ish. Took the bus to the city center, then decided to take the train to Inverness. By 2pm we had checked into my favorite hostel. Bazpackers Backpackers Hotel. Since we could still function (more or less) we headed out to see lock ness. Sad to say we didn’t see Nessie this time either. We even brough carmel eggs for her. : )
After the tour we stoped off at the co op and bought dinner.
It’s barely 6:30 but I’m heading up to the room to shower and crash.
Is it just me, or does flying make everone feel like they need a shower?

Love ya’s



  1. Travel does that.. Sounds like the two of you are having fun. Good thing Nessie doesn’t like carmel eggs as you Mom probably would not have wanted to share. I love you. Justina remined me today that it is only 65 more days until her due date. She also text a picture of his room.. Carry on. Love Ya!!!!

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