Posted by: Heather | April 3, 2011

Dublin day Two and Plans

I’m tired
We went on the cliffs of moher tour today. I’ve been wanting to see then since I learned about them with people to people. Sadly I wasn’t able to see them last time as that part from our trip was cut out.
The cliffs are amazing. We also stopes at the burren. Aka the moon. It’s a bit of land that durring the pre ice age time, was the sea floor under the equater. There are bits of plants from every climate there.
As funny side note, my first sight as a people to people person was bruttany castle. Our PaddyWagon Tour stoped there today as our first stop.
It was a great day, and we’re heading off tomorrow at 6:30 to do the blarney stone tour.
I found us semi-reasonable tickets to Edinburgh for Tuesday. Sad part is the flight leaves at 5am meaning we have to be there at 3, so we’re leaving the hostel at 2:30 am. I think I might cry. That’s way to early to be up.

Love ya’s



  1. And they call it a vacation!!! It is great that the two of you are seeing sights together and you are getting to show her where you were before..Love you both bunches. Hope they have coffee someplace for your Mom..

  2. They actually call it a “Paddy Wagon” tour?

    Watched a show on Edinburg’s underground. Will your tour take in any of that? Remind your mom that there’s no peeking.

    Hope you both have fun! (If you come across any Highlander cattle, I’d love it if you could take a picture for me to share with a former co-worker who thinks those cows are beautiful. She’s from Scotland, so I think they really just remind her home and the farm she grew up on. Thanks.)

    Talk with you later. (Remember, sleep is highly over-rated!)

    Love ya both.

  3. Your in luck….Edinburg has 7 not 1 but 7 STARBUCKS. Should help wake you both up.

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