Posted by: Heather | April 2, 2011

Dublin in One day….

we headed out to the book of kells bright and early. too early. so we hung around till it opened. I remembered the book from my last visit to ireland, mom thought it was really cool.
After she dragged me to the archeology museum.  We saw everything there. The mummy was a bit much for me. ewww…
then we saw christ church cathederal. I loved it! Lots of great pictures..Mommy liked it so, mainly the stained glass and architure.
Then we marched on to Dublin Castle. yep jokes on us, since you cant get into the castle. we just wandered around looking for the door. oops.
City hall was an accidental find on our wandering tour. the city hall was where they read the decloration of irish independance. then they got shot. you can still see the sharapnel…everywhere.
St. Patricks catherdal was nice but i liked christ church better, Mom did too. thought the park attached was a lovley addition.
next we did the amazing tour of Guinness. All eight stories of it. taste testing was okay. amusingly enought it tasted like beer. go figure right?
After Guinness we hopped on a bus did a drive by tour of Phoenix Park.  We got soaked on the way back to the hostel.
Just finished dinner of pasta. yum.
Now we’re off to book our tour of the Cliffs of Moher. I’m really excited! But im tired too, not nearly as tired as mom who is falling asleep reading this over my shoulder. Poor out of shape mommy.
She loved the Irish Ghost Stories I bought her for motheres day, which is tomorrow. Naturally.    : )
Love ya’s



  1. Not out of shape !! No sleep and no Star Bucks, whats a girl to do. I’ll bet you were happy to see Mommy =)..The two of you enjoy your time together. Store up those memories. Take lots of pictures.. did she remember your little treat from me? I love you both, so be careful..

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