Posted by: Heather | March 31, 2011

Post, Queen of Tarts and Wind


I headed out today to the General Post Office, the GPO was headquarters of the “Irish Volunteers durriing the Easter Rising of 1916”,  its front steeps were where Padraic Pearse read out the proclamation of the Irish Republic. You can see the shrapnel still in the columns.
i went in an asked how much it would cost to send a box home…
After that I headed over to the temple bar area and found a little tea shop called the Queen of Tarts. I went in and had a very yummy tea and lemon merange pie/treat.
I walked to Phoenix Park, about one mile from the center. Its home to the Irish president and the American Ambassador . I really enjoyed walking around the park. My hair was down but kept out of my face by a headband, But the wind was very playful and kept blowing my hair into my face. It was lovely to sit on a huge tree stump and people watch.

The picture of the stained glass of from the sagrata familia in barcelona,

After the park, i wandered back twords the hostel and found a great little bookshop, The Winding Stair. Bought a awsome book, Irish teatime recipes, then found the perfect moms day gift…Which i  cant tell you about in case she reads this…
I found a very nice place to  up load some pictures, just a few of my close to two thousand pictures..Facebook has a few more then i could show here.

Love ya’s!



  1. So, the post office is a site of historic protests and rebel activity. What incredible living history! Are they open to discussing the conflict, or is it still a bit sensitive to go around asking about?

    The pictures are wonderful.

    Glad you had a chance to people watch again – and to stay dry.

    Talk with you later.

    Love ya.

  2. Great pictures. Stain glass is beautiful. I so enjoy reading your blogs. First thing I do when I get home from work. You have enjoyed a great trip that will give you memories forever. The rest of us will remember when Heather went abroad and we missed her so much.. We all love and miss you. Do your best to keep Mom under control =))

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