Posted by: Heather | March 30, 2011

Airports, Badges and Camera

Hey guys!

I made it to the airport okay, I got off a stop early on train to the airport. good thing i planned for that 🙂
The flight people made me check my bag. First time ive had to do that. But everything worked out okay. 

I landed in dublin at 12. 10, and had to wait till 5:40 for the busses to start running.  So i found a nice chair, held my little bag and used my big bag as a pillow. I slept that way for a few minuts here and there.  When I work up at 4:30 ish I had the thought that if there was an orginazation that gave out badges for traveling, I would have earned the Sleeping in Airports Badge. My mind gets funny when im sleep deprived.

I realized that I misplaced my directions around 5:20. Good thing I memorize the directions before i leave. I knew where I was going, knew the street names, but didnt know where they were in relations to the other streets. I found the hostel in five minutes so i guess everything worked out. Walking around dublin in the dark/pre dawn time was great! you could feel the promise of heat for the upcomming day, but it was still cool out. its a summer feeling. I was asked twice if i needed any help finding my way. Not by nutters, once was by a buss driver another was an man out walking his dog. i had forgotten that the people here are that welcoming.

As promised, I checked in, slept a few hours then maed my proiroty gtting pictures up. But I cant do it on the provided computers…grrrr.
There are a few internet places i noticed onthe way in last night, so after getting somethign to eat, i’ll got see if they work. My camera is acting odd, im afraid ive damanaged it in some way.  😦 But we’ll see.

Love Ya’s



  1. A GPS is definitely something you should put on your wish list – or at least a GSP app on your I-Phone.

    Don’t take offence, but I seem to recall that your mind is a little funny even when not sleep deprived. Boring, it’s definitely not, though!

    So, the buses don’t run all the time, even in Dublin? Dublin must still have a small town feel about it. Glad to know people are helpful. Remember, though, nutters are helpful too, until the moment they snap….

    Any special cultural events happening in Ireland while you’re there? If so, are you going to be able to take advantage of them?

    Well, I hope you got caught up on your sleep.

    It will be great for you to have your mom there tomorrow to share your experiences with.

    Tell her hi and I hop both of you have loads of fun.

    Love ya.

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