Posted by: Heather | March 29, 2011

Flight Info

Hello and Good Morning to everyone out there

I was up at 7:30 this morning, since I had the lovely task of cramming all my gear back into my bag.
Even though ive bought a lot of little things here and there, everything still fits into my bag…it makes me wonder what im missing…
I´m down three socks, one undershirt/tank top, and one blue pen. Not all that bad really. The three socks were all different.
My flight number is EIO565
Departs from Barcelona Terminal 2 at 22:35
Arrives in Dublin Terminal 2 at 00:10
Seat- A1
Flying with Aer Lingus

When I bought my ticket I had to pick a seat. The economy seat are 5 euros and the first class seats are 10 euros. Tough choice, but in the end I decided to pay the extra 5 euros. 🙂

My Hostel is Abraham House.

I´ve heard some very conflicting stories about this airport, so i´m going to be there around 5-6ish. Should leave me plenty of time should anything unexpected happen.

If you google St. jordi hostel and look under images, you should be able to see the dragon logo. It’s so cute. I bought the hostel shirt with logo  on it.  🙂

Next post should come from Dublin…  🙂

Love Ya´s



  1. have a good trip.. I’m thrilled to learn that you are leavibg barsalona before the running of the bulls..Comfort in knowing you won’t be the 6 oclock news..
    Love You..Take good care of Mommy..

  2. You seriously missed the running of the bulls? That would be so cool to see – from a high elevation and safe distance (and no, the TV or internet does not count)!

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