Posted by: Heather | March 28, 2011

The roomies and naked men

Hello Again!!

First I promise to make my first priority (after checking in to the new hostel) to get some pictures up.

The roomies are horrible! Their French and Brazilian. ugg….where to begin? Okay they go out partying every night, (ive no problem with that), but they come back around 3am. then they spend about an hour unwinding, before getting ready for bed. So from 3am to about 5am i´m awake. every night for the last three? nights.
Then when i pull myself out of bed around 9, I get glares and the light shut off on me. The frenchie shut the light off. so i opened the shutters 🙂

 It’s not my fault they have abnormal sleep patterns or that they sleep till 2pm everyday. I´ve paid just as much for that space as they did.

The kitchen in the apartment has only one frying pan but seven pots. They used the frying pan then left it there. I think they expected me to wash it for them. I went back to my old appt. and borrowed that one. 

I had lunch on the small balcony.
The apartments are set up like a C or an E without the middle part.
I watched other people on their balconies. One lady played opera music and sang along, another wore a bright green apron-smock thing while she cleaned. But what was most interesting was that a man was hanging out the wash. He was the first man ive seen doing this here. It took him a while to finish ,but when he steeped to the side of the balcony I realized that he was naked. 

On that subject, Kristian and Rylan came over for dinner again. They made the meal and I made the dessert. We had tacos!! yum!! its was so good! Kristian had bought a fitheta kit that was mane to be used with chicken, but used the spices on the beef. It was amazing! I´m going to see if i can find the kit when im back in the states.
While we were eating, she told me about the elephant man. Apparently there is an older man who walks the beaches here. Nude. He also is covered with tattoos. One tattoo is of an elephant, slightly lower than the waist, and when he walks his elephants trunk..swings. Not the best visual but that’s what Kristian told me.
Ahh the joys of Barcelona.
Tomorrow evening I´m flying with aer lingus to Dublin, sleeping in the airport till the busses start, then taking the bus to the new Hostel.

I think I’m going to be sad to leave this place. I’ve gotten to know the people and when I leave the chances that i ever see them again is so tiny.

on a happier note, here are a few bits of random knowledge that ive picked up.
If you want to see if the ice cream at a shop is good, look at the color of the banana. If its bright yellow, they make thier ice cream from a mix. If its gray its hand-made.
maps are very useful. just be sure the top of the map is north. some maps the top of the map is east. Bit confusing.
Dont try to haggle if you can’t speak the language. (funny to watch, but not the best idea )

Love ya´s!



  1. I think you handled your roomies well..Sounds like some of the people I work with. all for me and to h- – – with eveyone else.. Have a safe trip to Dublin. Mom is bringing you a small treat from me.
    Glad to hear you will be out of Barsalona before the running of the Bulls..Would hate to look up and see you running down the street as part of the 6 oclock news..
    Love Ya

  2. P.S. Glad to read that the naked Man was at a distance -))

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