Posted by: Heather | March 26, 2011

My 70th post

I woke up. (amazing right)
Took a shower, ate breakfast.
   fruit salad from last night
   toast with strawberry jam
   Peach juice with soy crap mixed in.

Since ive done everthing here that i want to do, I enjoyed a very nice morning of people watching. The weather is wonderful so I picked a nice sunny spot and watched people.
You see so many different types of people at the sights here. Old english people, young spanish familys out enjoying the weather, teens off shoping, roma and thier various scams, and my favorite, the american biker group compleat with their leather jackets, long hair and tattos.
After the sun went behind the clouds I decided to call it a day and headed back to the appartment.
I stoped and bought a donner kebab. It was amazing. a thick torteia with some lettus, onion, ground carrots, bits of chicken, some spicy sauce all rolled up and grilled.
it was lovely.
i stoped to buy so water and more juice. (non soy-ish this time) and met the receptionist. A very lovely lady about 23 from texes. She moved here 1.5 years ago to learn the language. i´m very glad to have met her. We have movie nights with popcorn and sangria.

My new roomies showed up last night-this morning. I had locked the dorm door prior to going to bed, and instead of getting out thier keys they kicked the door. I hadn´t been able to sleep and was in a crappy mood…So i put on my head phones and pretented to be asleep. …not my best choice of actions, but i felt vindicated by thier own selfishness.

Oh. 🙂
i bought a set of wooden clothes pins…I´m going to do all my clothes before my flight to dublin and didnt want to be creative with succuring my clothing. I was just going to draw on the clothes pins, but then I had a better idea. I put all your names on them.
so tomorrow we will all be hanging out in Barcelona together. hehehehe. I plan on leaving them here for the next person to use.
I´ll take plenty of pictures.

Love ya´s!!



  1. So! Now were going to be hanging out with strangers! I don’t want to know who had to hold your underwear!!!! FIVE DAYS!!! RARW!!!

  2. I hope you got great pictures. Found out we’re not a bunch of Nutt’s We’re of bunch of pins..Little pieces of wood holding onto your belongings, and soon the wears of others. Hope the appreciate your thoughtfulness. Finally we get to have a supporting roll. We love you…

  3. I DON’T want to be securing your panties!! Just sayin . . . .

    • How about a sock?

      • Much Better!!! I assume the other one didn’t match (lol)!!

  4. When you were MUCH younger, I had to clean you P- – – y bottom, use me to secure your undies!!!! at least their clean.. =))

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