Posted by: Heather | March 24, 2011


Today I realized that I had no clean clothes.
I have no Idea why i was suprized, but there i was 10 am, i had just swiched appartments. (Im now on the 6th floor. Eight stories off the ground. they dont cound the first two) Took a shower and realized nothing was clean.
I grabed my dirty gear, found the washing machine opened the door and had it come away from the machine.
The front load washer was broken.
So i put my clothes in, added some soap, wiggled the door back on, then pushed start. Naturely nothing happened. I wiggled the door again, and pushed start. The washer started up and worked great!

when my clothes were done, I realized that i didnt have any clothes pins. I had a line for clothes on the balconey, but no way to secure them.
I ended up buttoning my pants around the line, so the clothes line went through the fly. i tiyed my tanktops straps in bows around the line, but for my underwear I got very creative.
I went threw my bag and found my three luggage locks and used them to make sure they stayed on the line. 

I took picturs. The lady next door thinks im a bit odd.

In about an hour kristain is coming over with a friend, Im going to make pasta and veggies, their bringing dessert. Yum!
*Dinner went great! we had ice cream sundays for dessert then watched rush hour 3*

Love Ya´s



  1. Red Neck clothes line…Sounds like it worked great..Quick thinking. Love you. Glad your still having a great time. Ice cream sundaes sound like a good idea. gotta check the freezer.

  2. (I started typing earlier but my computer is wigging out, so I don’t know if it went through or not. So, here’s my full comment.)

    just catching up on your posts. Lets see, where to start?

    Seen Everything: How is that possible!?! Bullfights, flaminco (sp?) lessons, tours of ancient castles, olive groves, serious Spanish cuisine and partying? (Unless there’s blogs you’re not sharing with us — hmmmm???)

    One Item for My to-do List: seeing a play at the Shakespearian festival in Oregon – preferably not alone, though. (Seems almost everthing I love to do, I have to do alone because no one else shares the same interests. It maybe that I’m poor company, but it may also be that I have weird interests.)

    Laundry: Maybe I should have you fix my front loading washer when you get home. Mine leaks intermittently, but, of course, never when the repairman is here. Also, I must say that the thought of someone else using clothspins with our names on them to hang out their laundered boxers to dry is kind of weird…eeewww! On the other hand, imagining what must run through their minds as they contemplate using those clothspins with names on them does make me smile.

    People Watching: One of my all time favorite pass-times. I like to imagine what they’re like, where their family is, where they came from. Kind of like making up stories and plot lines for my own amusement. The only thing is, someone else is probably watching me and doing the same thing.

    Ignoring Roomies: Don’t feel bad. I do it all the time. Just ask Uncle Terry. Watch out, though… you know what they say about pay-backs….(and, since the Queen of Evil Paybacks is meeting you in Dublin, so I’d start accumulating Karma Bucks right now! ha ha)

    Staying in to Watch Movies: Okay — Ususal Suspects, I get; but Rush Hour 3 – what were you thinking???? Glad you enjoyed your dining in, though. Sounds like you’ve made some friends you can stay in touch with.

    Dublin: When are you headed there? Staying at any haunted hotels? I saw that England is rioting over budget cuts. Hopefully, the Irish will wait until you and your mom are back home. It must be very interesting, though, to travel through Europe at such a controversial time and get a world perspective.

    Hope you keep having fun!

    Love ya.

    • seeing a play at the Shakespearian festival in Oregon sounds like a great time, I didnt realize it went till october ot that they did non shakespear plays. hmm..this year there showing the heny iv pt. 2 and juilus ceaser. Any of those ones that you would want to see? I dont think your interests are weird…but Im living out of a bag and sharing rooms with people i dont even know…so i might not be the best judge. 😉
      In dublin we´re staying at a ghost free place, but thinking about doing the night bus ghost tour. I have no intrest in staying at place with ghosts, I dont think i would get any sleep. 🙂

      • Sleep is over-rated.

        Henry the IV, for me.

        Weirdos united!

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