Posted by: Heather | March 24, 2011

Girls Day

Hello again,

Yesterday i went out with the group from italy. From north carolina, studying art in italy, we went and explored LA Rumba st and the market there.
We had a great time.
When i packed for my trip i planned for cold weather. Now its very warm, a handy little excuse to buy a few new items.

 Kristian (roomie from Venice) is comming over for dinner tonight, then were goin gto hang out and watch a movie…
In the mean time, I really need to do some laundry. Then í´m going our to a new park. Should be another lovely day.

While i was out yesterday, We walked by a little cany store called happy pills. you bought a clear plastic jar and filled it with candy. I bought one and filled it with gummy candys…but they didn´t have any frogs…only pigs, turtles, squid, ladybugs and brains. 🙂

Love Ya´s



  1. I was in a store today that sold all kinds of gummy’s..When you get home, we’ll go check it out. Love Ya,

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