Posted by: Heather | March 23, 2011


It is always the simple things that change our lives. And these things never happen when you are looking for them to happen. Life will reveal answers at the pace life wishes to do so. You feel like running, but life is on a stroll. This is how God does things.”

I talked with Elliot last night. I had been playing solitaire and he wanted me to teach him. I had thought everyone knew how to play.
Anyway he was missing home and started talking to me about his life. An accountant, working in California, loves the beach and is terrified of not living.
He told me about his list.
A list of Nine things he wanted to do.  
I don’t mean a Bucket List. It’s not a pointless list of farfetched romantic notions, with the objective of making an elugey easier when you die.
His list included taking a yoga class, seeing europe, and getting a job by the beach.

He gave himself three days to make a list, things that would make himself a better person, things that would make him happy, dreams he wanted to fulfill, things that needed to be done.
After those three days, he sat down and made one huge list then began to cross off the ones that were meaningless to him.
While going to every continent sounds cool, what would it really achieve? A nice bragging point, but an empty one. Off the list.
He whittled down the list, modifying here adding there, untill he had nine tasks that had meaning for him.
*sidenote He stopped in his story to make one point very clear each task-objective-goal-whatever-you-want-to-call-it, has to be measurable. No get fit, no live life to the fullest, no be a better person. You could still have those things, but they would need to be altered so they are measurable. Get fit could become do x amount of running-sit ups-ect.
The list doesn’t have to be nine, less or more is fine, that’s just what he came up with.

Okay, so far you thought about what to accomplish, adjusted till it was reasonable and had meaning. Great, right?
Now you can date it, laminate it, do whatever you want to it, then you have to share it with one other person, then tape-pin-post it somewhere where you will see it everyday.
Put it on your door, on the fridge, frame it and put it on the wall, save it as a picture and load it as the background of your monitor screen. Whatever you want. 
The last step is to start doing whats on that list.
In the back of my head i had been thinking, either this is a lead up to something i don’t really wanna hear, or someone spent too much time watching the religious channel.

So I asked him why he wanted a to-do list hanging on his door. The main reason turned out to be that so many of the people around him were to afraid to go after things they wanted. A friend of his wants to sky dive, but never has. Why? It was so simple to him, wanna skydive? find a place that does it and go skydive.

So he was afraid that he would not accomplish things that he wanted to do that led him to make a list.
Makes sence to me.

I´m not sure if I´ll make a list, or if i agree with the simplistic view he has on achievements. But it makes you think, what would you put on your list?
So if you would humor me,
Post one thing that you would put on your list.
Love yas



  1. Make a true friend in another country 🙂 rarw

  2. Set the best possible example for my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren
    other family members and friends.

  3. Go to Ireland with Kurt (no kids)!!!

    • Wait for me!!!!

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