Posted by: Heather | March 21, 2011

Barcelona Still…


The weather had been great for the last few days, so i´ve been enjoying the parks and sights.  If the weather holds, i might come back with a slight tan…
I went to the sagrada familia today. Its the huge church that was planed out by Gaudi and will be finished in a few years. The inside was massive and lovely! i took lots of pictures!
I took the elevator to the top, steped out then remembered that I dont like hights…Made it down alright.  🙂 But I did get alot of great pictures from there too.
im really suprized that the memory card isnt full yet…

Barcelona is a wonderful place to be out and about, during the day. I really love the little park thats south of the hostel. I went there to people watch and enjoy the sunshine today.
I watched the barcelona FC game at the hostel the other night, (couldnt get tickets) the won. Most everyone stops what thier doing to watch the game. The reception guy stoped working to come and watch and pretended not to hear the phone ring. 🙂

eight days (i believe) untill i fly out to dublin.

Side note, one of my roomies thoght that lenardo de caprio painted the mona lisa, while the other one thought that the loch ness monster was in canada.
Great times. 🙂

Love ya!



  1. It sounds like you really needed to park and enjoy some local sight seeing. Taking to the side streets usually help you find true foods and cheaper treasures to bring home. We all miss you and are looking forward to your being here to show us pictures and share your memories, Continue to take good care of my favorite eldest granddaughter,
    LOVE YOU!!!

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