Posted by: Heather | March 18, 2011


Yesterday and today have been wonderful! The sun came out, clear bright blue skys, it makes Barcelona look like the pictures in my book. 🙂

yesterday I headed out to see the La Ribera area. I walked to the Arc De Triomf, a mear 20 blocks from the hostel. Did you know that no one can say for sure what the Arc De Triomf was built to celebrate…odd.
Then I enjoyed people watching at the Parc De La Ciutadella, saw the regional parlament building, i love that its red and orange colored. The park was created when the Ciutadella fortress, built by Madrid to watch the restless population, was demolished. I really liked the waterfall-fountian thing. Gumby had a little photoshoot, so more pictures of him later.
I headed west of the park, my little guidebook had a old school apothocary listed and i wanted to see it. I bought some happy sented rose soap.
I stoped at the Església de Santa Maria Del Mar. Its Barcelonas most gracefull church. I spent about an hour just walking around staring at all the stained glass windows. I took pictures, but since i cant up load them here, you all will see them when im in ireland.
After the church i happily got lost and expored the side streets and little shops for a next couple of hours, I finlay ended up at the market i had wanted to see, the Mercat De  Santa Caterina…a lovely, simple market..but after seeing the Mercat De La Boqueria, (“one of europs´s best and most famous markets”) it was a bit of a let down.

I am enjoying the very simple and easy way of the culture here. wake up late, go to the corner store and buy fresh bread that was delivered that morning along with any selection of fruit, wander around seeing this and that untill lunch, (the food store across the street and many others close down for a three hour lunch) come back and enjoy and lunch at the appartment, then head back out till the sunlight starts to fade, then enjoy a lazy evening at the appartment watching movies and chatting with people from everywhere.
last night we talked about our favorite scams. haha heard some really good ones. luckly I havent been thick enough to fall pray to any scams.

This morning i had my fresh bread and orange, did my laundry…then headed out to Park Güell. The park was built by Gaudi, not sure what i think of the guys art work. its gingerbread houses and weird houses with bone like balconeys and scale-ish roofs. Not sure what his intentions were, makes me think of punk art but coated with hevy layers of fake cuteness. (if the tell-a-tubbys did punk it would look close) hmmm…take his bone house for example, it has balconeys resembling skulls but the house itslef lookes like he threw glitter at it. (Casa Batlló, if you want to google it)
I spent the entire day there, people watching, exploring and some gift shoping. when the gift has to be small and non breakable it really does make it a bit hard… 🙂

love Ya´s!



  1. Glad you finally got good weather.

    I Googled the Arc and found that it was built for the 1888 Universal Exhibit (kind of like the Space Needle was built here for the 1962 world fair). Was it worth the 20 block walk?

    Late mornings, lazy days…sounds like your kinda place. And Gaudi – he obviously had issues. Thank goodness they make meds for that now. But, what do I know – I can’t quite see the appeal of Picaso either.

    Enjoy the markets and the easy pace. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

    Take care and have more fun.

    Love ya.

  2. All the side streets and shops is where I would like to spend my time. Everyone can do the tourist thing. Let me get a good idea of how life is on a daily basis. Sounds like you have had a great chance to try some good food and meet nice people.
    The umbrella made it through many a storm. We will have to get you another one.
    We miss you very much. You and Mom have a great time. Looking forward to having you home and hearing more of your adventures and seeing the pictures..
    Huggs.. Love you heather.

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