Posted by: Heather | March 15, 2011

When it Rains….

barcelona is having a storm. wind, rain, thunder and lighting. All the fun stuff.
The rain stoped around 2pm. So I grabed my umbrella and rushed out. I made it a little over half way to the park when the rain started up again. (or started down again 🙂  )
The amount of water coming down was so much in such a little time the few storm drains couldnt handle it and the roads soon became lakes. The water became so high, at one street the water was over my shoe!
I finaly made it back to the apparment, Soaked from mid thigh to my very wet toes. My lovely travel umbrella broke..the wind got it and snapped two little arms..Im sad, i really loved that umbrella…i think my roomie has ducktape…
my fantastic blue waterproof shell jacket kept the upper portion of my body dry, but somehow the hood collected water.
I took my jacket off in the elevater and received a small shower all down my back…

ive spent the rest of the day watching movies in the common area. marrie attoinette, the usual suspects and into the wild.
sad to say, but it looks like im going to be doing the same tomorrow….but wednesday is going to be sunny and rain free…keeping my fingers crossed…

oh, the title, when it rains… . I couldnt decide between “when it rains it pours” simple and classic or the less subtle…”when it rains you get wet” 🙂

(Spain like most of europe dont belive in Dryers. My pants are hanging off my bed…A very nice contrast to the pale walls and the less then creative attemps to disguise the fact that most people come here for the cheapness. )

Love ya´s



  1. If it helps any, the weather for the last week or so here has been the same.
    Today we even had thunder and lightening.
    Hope you get a chance to get out and enjoy more sight seeing soon.
    To day we feel like we are getting wer with you.
    Love Ya..

  2. So, I take it that there’s little truth to the saying, “The rains in Spain stay mainly in the Plains.”

    Question: You’re from Washington, so why is the rain stopping you? Get out there and see the sites from a perspective few tourists ever do. (Just make sure you have lots of cold medicine on hand, I guess, so that perspective isn’t from watery eyes and a runny nose.)

    I guess if you have to stay in and watch movies, though, The Usual Suspects is a good way to spend your time. What a great movie! Hope you liked it. Keyser Soze is my revengeful hero!

    If you’re going to insist on traveling like this, I guess we’ll all have to get you duct tape and umbrellas for Christmas. Oh, and hoods that stay on your head in storms so they don’t fill up with water. But, hey, if you were stranded and needed water, you’d have the perfect collection tool. Now, if it would only rain oatmeal and bananas…..

    Hope you get to enjoy better weather soon and that you get to see the sites you want to before you leave there. (I know how it would break your heart to have to go back at a later date and see all the sites you missed.)

    Take care and keep having fun!

    Love ya

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