Posted by: Heather | March 14, 2011

The Quest for…Oatmeal?

Yesterday I woke up and really wanted oatmeal with banana slices on it. sounds good right? Well, yesterday was sunday and most everything shuts down for the day.
So i had bread and jam.
My roomie Jenni had her flight back to florence pretty early, after waking me up on her way out i enjoyed sleeping in. The rain here is so bad, you go outside in it might as well stand in the shower. umbrella or no umbrella, your going to be soaked…
So i hung around the hostel, I didn´t realize how much i needed a do-nothing-day untill i had one.
I was on facebook, chattinig with my mom about this and that…found out about what my teams been upto…I feel better knowing the details rather then the vauge..”some parents”…
Anyway I head this really bad song start playing..then i realised it was a pop version of guns and roses sweet child of mine…I could just picture cory throwing the sterio out the window…I told the guy that he had bad taste…I dont think he understood me…
I was on facebook when my roomie Jenni walked in. She had missed her flight. It left at 9am. She thought that leaving from the hostel an hour and a half before her flight left would be enought time….but didnt bother to find out how much time it took to get to the airport…or what time bording closed. She had also missed her flight here, and the train she had booked too…(she ended up on the same train i was on coming in)
She walked in and said “I have the worst luck”
fail to plan = plan to fail
I did´t tell her i dont believe in luck. You get what you give.
There she sat, very broke, blaiming everyone but herself, it was the trains falt, how was she to know it only ran every half hour? How was she to know that you had to be on the plane 40 minutes before it took off?
(I understand now how she mannaged to miss everything on the way here.)
she finaly got ahold of her parents and wanted them to send her more money. then had no idea why they were upset. i mean they had just given her 500 spending allowence for the month, why wont they send more?
at that point i left.
her story ends with her booking a flight (with three changes) back to school, she convenced her mom to email her her card info. She then booked a vey nice, first class seat,…

I really hope she made the flight…i left at 11 and at 9 she was still in the appartment…
I on the other had had started my quest for Oatmeal. I found out the spanish word and was at the store when it opened at 9. No oatmeal.
i checked every store with in a 6 block area, no one eats oatmeal over here… 😦
I finaly asked one lady, she made a face and said that they eat digustive cookies insead of that …someword in spanish… 🙂
Im sad. no oatmeal.
But i went with the ladys suggestion and bought some nutella type spread…think chocolate frosing with a haselnut after taste… I can´t read spainish, but i know enought to know that what had just ate was closer to frosing then nutella…unless nutellas main ingredent is sugar… it was yummy…
I headed out arounf 11 to see one of the many parks here…then it stated raining…by the time i had made it to the nearest metro (subway-tube) station i was soaked. I had my lovely umbrella, but still managed to become complealty soaked. I could (and did, )wring out my pants..
I met my new roomie. a great person from canada…we watched harry potter and the order of the phonix…while pointing out all the difference´s from the book, and hearing the sound effects of pouring rain and the basement consrution…..really had a good time. 🙂

not sure what im going to be doing now….dinner sometime…pasta with sauteed (?) zuchinne, onions, carrots and bellpeper slices …the dinner of travelers… hhahaha.

Love Ya´s!

Oh, hows life going in Graham-Spanaway-Tacoma-Puyallup?



  1. Glad you had a day to relax and recharge.

    It would be just like you to crave oatmeal in Spain rather than in Scotland, where it’s a staple! I’m sure they’ll have some in Dublin, but, with your luck, there’ll be no bananas.

    Seems like you’ve experienced rain a lot of the time. I’d say you’d taken it with you, but it’s been awful here too.

    Spain feeling any of the impact of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami? What’s their take on it? Much outpouring of concern or aid? Any concerns about the economic impacts? Fears about the nuclear power plants? It must be interesting to experience major events through the eyes of non-Americans. Even if one doesn’t agree, it must provide some different perspectives and food for thought.

    Hope you enjoy your new roomie. Sounds like you have something in common. Perhaps you can tour the sites together.

    I’ll let you get back to having fun.

    Talk with you later. Love ya.

    • I was talking the the guy who owns the hostel, and him and his family are very concerned about the economy right now. He dosent know how japan tradegy will effect the world economy, he said that spains been on the edge of thier economy collapsing for a year or so now. if that were to happen the euro would crash…so many countrys over here use the euro.
      Wouldn´t be pretty.
      Its a very different feeling being over here and having a a disaster happen. I´ve meet so many people from japan, its hard to think what they must be going through, are they still over here? or did they returen? dead or alive? hows thier family? I cant watch from this distance anymore, its odd. traveling has changed how i view so many things.
      I was very gald to that none of you guys were affected by any post earthquake-tsunami bits.
      I dont know about the lovely people here, but im very concerned about the cooling parts on those nuclear plants not working…
      the sound of the rain is drowning out the sound of the construction going on….oh, now we have thunder…
      Love ya!

      • Well, I hope that your new friends and acquaintenaces are okay. It must be hard to meet so many people and have them touch your life – even if just in passing – and then have to think of them from the perspective of a crisis.

        Are you exchanging contact info with any of the people you meet so you can keep in touch later?

        California is asking for federal emergency funds for damage they had, but if the news is accurately reporting – and they usually over report on these things – it’s an embarassment when you look at the suffering in Japan. (It’s like California is saying: “We know that those people over there had a hard time, can’t find family members, and have limited shelter and food, and might be facing a nuclear plant meltdown, but hey…our waterfront and docks and liesure boats were damaged so we are in real pain too.” California is just too outrageous!)

        Things appear to be getting worse at the reactors. Though I doubt the winds would carry any nuclear particles to Spain, I hope you’re keeping your ears open and have a back-up plan in case the worst does happen. I heard some airports are implementing new travel measures as a result. Hopefully, those won’t impact your traveling, but, again, I hope you’re
        keeping yourself informed and prepared for potential changes and delays. (Though, again, Spain’s a long way from Japan.)

        I hope your hosts are dealing well with the stress of a declining economy. The fragility of the global economy is one reason I think a lot of people feared the Euro. Good thing you’re doing your bit by contributing to their tourism income! See, Capitalism is a success!

        Take care – and keep your mind open to all the different perspectives. I’m going to interrogate your theories before the next election. (Just remember – my Right wing values and perspectives are THE right ones, though! ha ha)

        Love ya

      • I´m not really worried about the wind carrying anything over here, but I am worried about you guys having some radiation carried by the wind. The news articals i´ve been able to get ahold of say its not likey that you would get soem as things are now, but then again things aren´t staying or even improving where the plants are concerned.
        Hope you guys are making plans too. 🙂

  2. Rain has become a main staple here also.. glad you have had some good room mates. Sorry about the Oatmeal. Should I have your Mom bring you a packet or two? Things in Tacoma are going fairly well. We like yourself could use a dry day or two. Hope your soccer team is doing well. Have you seen any soccer games there?
    Uncle Charles doing fine following the Quake in Japan..Has to clean up the mess of things knocked off the shelves. Was very relieved to hear from him..
    Are you still planning to see the Ruffells when you get back to England, or have your trip plans changed?
    Love and miss you..Enjoy your blogs. like being with you..

    • Rain rain go away….Dont worry about the the time i see her again i´ll be able to buy some. 🙂
      I was talking with Uncle Charles the other day, had a few weekds off then hes getting sent out again.. hopefully he´ll be alright with all thats going on.
      I´m thinking of trying to get a ticket to one of barcelonas games…it would be very exciting…roudy but exciting.
      Since i cant send any sunshine ill just send love,
      love ya

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