Posted by: Heather | March 11, 2011


Barcelona, you are a wonderful city.

Me and my roommate Jenni, explored the la rumba street.
everyplace has THE street yu have to walk down. Edinburgh had the royal mile, berlin had the idiots mile, Salzburg had the old town, Venice has the grand canal, Rome had via …..(i forgot…:) ) and Barcelona has la rumba.

we explored the market they have, this place was packed, it had soo much inside! fruit, veggies, meat, and seafood. i stopped to take a picture of some of the seafood, and to my compleat horror the thing moved. yuck!!!
fresh seafood….icky. i looked closer and the most of the tables produce was still alive. yep, i left that area so fast.

im staying at a place that has dorm rooms apparmnet style, so i have access to a kictin again. hello pasta and fried carrots, zucchini and onions. yumm. with loads of fresh bread and butter. ymm!!

im thinking about staying here longer, then just flying over to Dublin to met up with mom later…Barcelona is great. so much going on! but even though so much is going on, you can still find nice quite places to just sit and watch the world go bye.

pictures tomorrow!!
love ya´s



  1. Did anything follow you home? You can’t keep it! Waiting for pictures. Twenty days! Rawr

  2. I’m not sure about the moving produce.. did you find a worm? It’s nice that you have a kitchen to cook your pasta! Since you won’t be home for Easter, I’ll add to your Nest Egg at Tapco on Tuesday. Can’t wait for you to home so we can see the pictures and hear your many memories. Love Ya. Be Careful..Have Fun

    • i´ll be back for easter!! im flying home om april 16th.

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