Posted by: Heather | March 10, 2011


I saw the vatican. I was able to be in the popes audence…so cool. it was even a holiday, ash wednesday, so i was able to hear his talk about the reason they do lent. only down side was his talk was in italian. I had decided to do a tour group, i didnt want to miss anything important.

I saw the sistine chaple, its amazing. i cant describe it. its was five setps beyond amazing!!

i ummm…all most missed my train. i had to run to make it back to the hotel, grab my huge, now heavy, monster of a bag, then do the im late alice in wonderland rabbit dance all the way to the train station. I had just made it to the platform when thr train pulled up.
i didnt realise it, but i had bought a first class ticket. I really liked being in first class…
but i hadnt booked a hostel for Barcelona. so when my train arrived thsi morning i was just going to pop into a internet cafe find one and book one. yep didnt work out that way.
but now three hours later im about to check into my hostel….
love yas



  1. Did you get lots of pictures? Did anyone translate for you? I think you’re having a better adventure by not planning every detail but, maybe a watch or phone would help? I know, I’m breaking up, bad connection πŸ™‚ Rarw

  2. Too Incredible!!! I hope you took pictures of the Sistine Chapel (do they allow them?)! Glad you made your “First Class” train. Take lots of pictures in Barcelona for me – I don’t think I will ever make it there . . . . Wish I was there with you (at least I speak some spanish)!!

    Auntie M

    • im getting by with my very bad attemps and alot of smiles….:)
      no pictures were alowed 😦

  3. I hardly know what name to call you anymore…Pauline, Murphy, Alice….Glad you’re having fun, though. You know, though, anyone can have a great European vacation, but only YOU could have such a unique adventure!

    Pictures of Ash Wednesday service at the Vatican would be inappropriate, but I’m glad you got to be present. (Glad you learned about Lent, too.)

    I noticed in your other pictures that most of the items related to sales were translated into English, but the signage for the statues and sites weren’t. Hope there was a translation available for you. Of course, when you come home, I’m sure you’ll translate them for us word by word, right?

    Keep having adventures!

    Love ya.

  4. It is great that you are having such a great trip. I agree with Aunt Chris. Maybe we should settle on LUCKY!! I told one of the ladies I work with that you were going on a tour at the Vatican, and she was so jealous.. Can’t wait to see her reaction when she finds out you were there for the Ash Wednesday Service.
    Carry on with the great adventure of Lucky Castle.. Love You bunches….

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