Posted by: Heather | March 7, 2011

They call me….Murphy


yesterday i booked my train ticket to barcalona, and paid the huge unexpected fee. apparently going to three different countrys lets them jack the price way up…
(i leave for barcalona at 4pm on wednesday.)

I went back ot my hotel, and was told that i couldnt extend my stay. okay no big deal, there are other places to stay.
i pack up my gear then go the the papa germini hotel. find out that i get a discount if i pay in cash.

so i go to teh ATM. and it wont let me pull any money. okay. it could be broken.

so i try another. same thing. i try another. again nothing.

I get on facebook, corys on. he calls home. so now moms on facebook. she going to call once the bank opens…

 its afternoon here, im hungry and im afraid to spend any money for fear that it could well be my last for a while. my stash of money is still good, but after i paid for the unexpected train fee and subtract what my hotel bill will be, i have eleven euros, a few pounds and 80 us dollers. oh and a 5 cent coin from some othe counrty..i think russia….

mom calls tapco and works her magic…. i go and try and pull money…nope. wont let me. this goes on for the entire day. i havent had anything to eat, im close to tears, and nothing is working.

i have no idea who all she calls but finaly she tells me VISA has had its system down and it should be working now. i go and try again. nope.

i go back to the hotel.
then mom had the idea to go inside the bank. its 7pm here everyting is closed down except food shops.
i try her idea of trying different ATMs and then i find one that works. !!!

I have spent an entire day in Rome, inside my hotel and now im hungry and tired.
i did wash some laundry in the sink though. so now i have clean…socks and money.
i wonder what will happen next…
 the first picture is at palentien hill with the colossuem behind me..
love ya.s

teh i am here one is mainly for fun, but you can really see how black the sand is..and the last is me at teh colosseum…



  1. It’s nice to see your face and beautiful smile in spite of all your fun and adventures..Banks and ATM’s can be so much fun???? I’m glad your mom was able to get ahold of the bank and get it worked out for you..We love and miss you. Continue storing up the memories.

  2. Love the pictures and stories! Please tell me you’re not going to any bull fights! Counting down! Luv ya!

  3. hope your having fun oh and please pick me up something; memories have fun

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