Posted by: Heather | March 6, 2011

Rome Day 3


First, i forgot to tell you all about my shower adventure.

when i first arived in rome, i had been on two overnight ferrys, so i was in despriate need of a shower. i dumped my gear in the room dug out my shower stuf and headed back out to find the shower. couldn.t find it. I asked a kid who was playing cards, but he didnt speek english.

but his older sister did. she looked at me and asked if the shower wasnt in my room. no i replyed, i dont have a shower in my room. (i really felt like saying oh, yes i have one in my room, but i just feel like using the common shower. more fun right?)
I found the shower, got in and had just gotten my hair all soapy, when the power went out. I could have cryed. i grabed my towel, and has just dug out my little black flashlight when the power came back on…spraying me and my towel with water.
the rest of the evning went great. I remember laying down in bed then i was out.

Anyway, today (sunday) i changed my plans and saw nothern rome. First i saw the Quartiere Coppedé. (my guide book described it as..if Gaudi and the Grim Brothers had gone into town planning together, suburbia would have looked like this….At its heart is the Fontana delle Rane. (Fountian of the Frogs)). I loved the fountian, it was happy, not quite as happy at the tourtle fountian though..:)

After that I went to explore Villa Borghese. (my guide book described it as Romes answer to New Yorks Centeral Park. I loved it!! As today with my first non-raining day here, it was so great to explore such a peace full park. It even had a little lake in the middle.

I decided after a few hours of wandering, that i was ready to head back. I went to the bus stop, talked with a guy from Austraila, and as we were both were waiting for the same bus, stating talking about our favorite scams. after a few busses went by we starting thinking something was a bit off. We found out that the buss we had been waiting for only ran from midnight to about five am. We ended up taking the subway.

i have just bought my ticket for barcalona. even with my eurorail pass the train cost around £50. its two trains really. one to mailan, then a transfer then the overnight train to barcalona.

tomorrow im going to the vatican. 🙂 im excited.
oh, i almost forgot about the pizza. walking by a little pizza shop today i was supprized to see pinapples on a pizza. i went in a decided to have it for lunch. I bit in to the pizza only to descover that it wasnt pinapple. it was chunckes of potato. yellow potato. That was an amzaing pizza. potato and sassage pizza. yumm. im serious i really loved it.
ive just bought my dinner. sour cream and onion prengles, a mixed bowl of fruit and the all-impotrant blue poweraid. Im begining to think bleu poweraid is a part of the food pyerimid.

lova ya.s



  1. Glad you’re in a country where the artifacts are part of the landscape and not all housed in a museum! Sounds exciting and I’m a bit jealous!

    Tell me though: Do they only serve pizza, blue Power Aid, and junk food in Europe?

    Does the power go off regularly there? Is it a conservation effort (like mandatory brown-outs), or is there another cause? Have things settled down a bit politically in that region?

    Looking forward to pictures. Can’t wait to hear about your experience and perspective on the Vatican.

    Love ya.

    • umm. no they serve other things besides pizza and blue power aid, but the pizza is so good, and blue poweraid is my favorite.
      The power outtage in Sanitorni was for maintnence, but the power outage in teh hotel the other night was a blown fuse. now im in italy, im more sheltered from politiacal upheavel, mainly because i cant understand any of teh news stories or the paper..

  2. I’m beginning to think it is your magnetic personality that keeps taking out the power. We’ve always know you were a show stopper.. Now we find out your also a power stopper.
    On the serious side, walking threw history has to be exciting and fun. We are all waiting for the pictures. Only way most of us will get to see them up close.
    We must find you something to eat besides PIZZA..Uncle Terry shold be getting new ideas for does and don’ts by now. By the time you get home, you’ll never want to see another blue powerade. Keep exploring.. Love you Miss Heather.

  3. Pizza and blue powerade sound good to me! Can’t wait to hear what you think of Barcelona! Did you take spanish as your language elective??? If so, it won’t help you a bit there (lol)! They speak Castillian Spanish in most of the country (imagine spanish spoken with a lisp – pronounced Barthelona instead of Barcelona – kinda funny, but the king had a lisp and the commoners adopted it, too so as not to embarrass him).

    Have fun and stay safe!!

    Luv ya’s!

    • nope, i took french.
      but my guide book has usefull phrases…teh usual. yes/no please/thank you/how much and my personal favorite. two beers please. (not one but two) hehehe.

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