Posted by: Heather | March 5, 2011

rome day 2

this computre is a bit off, and i cant see a single letter im typing.
i wnt down this morning to the colossuem, and had a lovely englih speeking tour. …well not really lovely, the tour guide spent most of the tme telling us how people and the anmals were killed,…not very plesent. did you know one of the events was a dog trying to kill a porcupine? yep., i didnt know that one.
th tour also included a tour of the Palatine and roman fourm. th tour guide was amazing!!!!!
not only did he tell us about the history of the place, ut why it was important.Im extendiing my stay to take his vatican tour on monday.
after my tour i went and hsaw the spanish steep. then a walk back tothe trevi fountian . sooooo many people this time. it was crazy.!
i had lasghnia for breakfast-lunch. made by a nice oriental lady. if i haded ordered myslef i wouldnt have known what i ws eating. fresh pasta, which ws amazing, but i really haveno idea what was inside. some meat and some chese stuff.
im tired and itsgetting dark out side,
love yas!!
(dad…hows the boys highschool season going? has gk lost alot?)



  1. What a fun day you seem to have had. Brunch sounded like it was good. The tour must have been different than most. You usually get a touch of info and very little more. It’s interesting that someone took the time to record how many people and animals were killed in the arena. It was their entertainment. Thank goodness, we’ve grown a little there.. Let us know how the tour goes on Monday. Love ya too,

  2. Goof and Grimmy are glad they’ve never been to Rome 🙂 Take lots of pictures of Italy and the Vatican! 24 days and I’ll buy you dinner! Rawr

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