Posted by: Heather | March 4, 2011


This morning enjoyed walking to the colosseum, (doing the tour later) then exploring the old town. it was great! i had pizza then ice cream, they had just put out a fresh made batch of honey ice cream. so i tryed it. sooooo good. 🙂

I saw the turtle fountain. lovely!

then i wandered the via giulia, its a long strech of road, picture perfect streets.
then i went to the pantheon. not even close to what i expected.
to finish the day off i went to the trevi fountain. threw in my three coins.
i think it goes the one coin is for luck, the second is so you.ll visit again and the last is for love. cute saying. I wanted my picture taken there, so i asked a lady (think lula from the plum series) if she would take it. she was from alabama. she pushed and moved people out of the way, got me right in the best spot, then took the picture. it was great.

im statying at a hotel. alot of places have a dorm style room durring the off season. the hotel dosnt have internet,  and the directions the guy gave me were crap. so i.m at a little internet cafe.
I found mac.s gift today. not quite as good as his i love heheh.
going to see the colosseum, palatine, and roman forum tomorrow.
sunday, im going to the vatican.

umm ill have pictures up once i find a better internet place.
i bought my dinner, junk food.  hey, im alowed to make some irresponsible choices.

love ya.



  1. Glad that you are enjoying Rome. Say “Hey” to the Pope for me (lol). I gave your mom money to put in your account (Didn’t remember to tell you before – but since the ATM’s weren’t working it really didn’t matter). I will send you a message on FB to let you know how much. Can you make wished at the Trevi fountain for someone else??? If so, can you make a wish for KT???? I think you know what for . . . .

    Auntie M~

  2. I think you should branch out while in Italy and eat something that isn’t pizza or pasta. Find something fun and different that you couldn’t find here in the US. Hope you’re having a blast!

  3. I am happy to read that you are having fun again. I would send millions of coins for the fountain if Kaitlin could have her wish,, Rome would be one of the places I would like to see. So much early history. Old ruins and good back drops for many movies. I agree with Brittannia.. Be brave find a chili dog or something else exciting to eat.. Have a great Sunday. Remember how much we all love you. If the 3rd coin works and you find love.. he had better be on vacation!! and returning soon to the states and the NorthWest.. continue with your explorations..

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