Posted by: Heather | March 2, 2011

ATM’s dont run on pixe dust….


sorry about the stop in posts.
i decided to go and see the island of sanitoni. (spelt wrong..)
the highlight of the place was the black sand beach, sooo cool!
i was in the town/village of fira while the island was having a power outage.  I needed to make a withdrawl to buy some food stuf. no atms were working. i spent the entire afternoon trying to find an atm that worked.  i was pretty annoyed that all those banks had the atms off, untill i realized that with teh power outage, the ATMs didnt have any power to run. yep. i felt great. (i did manage to get food.)
I decided that i wanted to be in rome.

so one ten hour ferry ride, one subway ride (two transfers) one taxi ride, one three hour bus ride later, im waiting for my 14 hour ferry ride to bandi then i’ll just be a train ride away. (i case anyof the above has you confused, i;m grining. I love this traveling stuff.)

its amazing to me that i can be in greece for dinner and have breakfast in italy.


*side note, the weather here is bad, high winds and pouring rain.

I will get a better post up when im in rome.


love ya’s



  1. So glad to find your Post. I have been a little worried about my grand daughter. Nice to read the humor between the lines.. I think you may have been right about this being a trip of a life time. The way everyone is in those areas may make it a little hard for many to travel in those areas for some time.
    Carry on my love.. Have fun.. Be careful and Safe.. Love and miss you..

  2. So glad you’re having fun! It’s cold and rainy here. It’s fun to imagine what you’re up to and hear your stories! Stay safe! Luv ya!

  3. Hope when you found a working ATM – I mean once the power came back on – you withdrew a little extra cash to keep tucked away for little emergencies.

    Glad to see you’re navigating better – at least with more ease. And, black sand – how cool! Guessing it has a lot of valcanic residue and that’s why it’s black?

    What’s the biggest difference you’ve found between Greece and Italy?

    Keep having fun!

    Love ya.

    • the main difference is the food and the clothing. and yep i now have a small fund for emergencys. the sand is from teh volcaino, its (from what i could figure out) black pummis stone. but broken down till its sand like, not realy fine but small enought to be called sand.

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