Posted by: Heather | February 23, 2011

Venice to Athens…

I have just arrived in athens and have checked into the hostel.

first of all the train I had booked from venice to brisdini (not sure about the spelling) didn’t come to venice. I realized that my train number 799 wasnt on the board of departures. so i asked and found out that i needed to be on the train that was leaving now. I barely made it. two stops later i hopped off, swiched trains, and found my self booked into a 6 person compartment. (think harry potter train, only less cool) it was great untill the other five people showed up. Horrible night of sleep. mainly since i had to sleep setting. I ended up using the fold-out-from-the-side-table putting my little bag on it, and sleeping like you would do if in school. (Thank you Bethel School Education…) 🙂
I arrived in brisdini around 8 am, asked where the ferry was, and was told to follow the road. (made me think of dorthy and ruby slippers) i followed the road till i found the water. I went into the ticket place, and was told to buy a ticket for the ferry i needed to walk 200 meters back up the road.
so i hiked back up the road, found the place. only problem was that it was closed. no big deal, most shops open by 10, so i sat there on a bench and read my sports pshycology book i had bought in london. sure enough, by 10 the shop was open and i walked in and used my extreamly horrible italian to buy a ticket.
(thanks to my eurail pass it only cost 22 euros)
The downside was the ferry didn’t leave till 6 pm that night. I now had the entire day infront of me wich was great, but i also had the entire day of carting my huge backpack around with me.
I wandered along the harbor, then went and found the catherdral. very lovely. then pizza for lunch. later i took the shuttle to the ferry and headed on bord. no problems with seasickness this time.
the ferry only had deck seats avaliable, so once again i spent teh night sitting. I sleeps for a few hours then would wake up again. all night long. (there where about 30 other people on the ferry in the deck seeting. oh deck seeting was inside the ship)
I woke up around 4 am and everyone was gone. my first thought was good now i can sleep. but was quickly followed by oh crap i’ve overslept. turns out the ferry makes two stops. my stop was the secound. I wasnt alone, a nice chinses girl named judy was still on bord too.
we reached greece around 10ish, wandered off the ship, right into a huge protest. people everywhere, police with their riot grear on all around.
nice right?
so judy and i headed to the train station, where we were informed that the train station was closed today because of the protesting.
plan b.
we went to the bus station. bought tickets and borded the next bus to athens.
three hours later we arrived in athens. asked at reception how to get to the hostel. the bus. simple right?
not today.
while we where standing att eh bus station we were swarmed by men wanting to take us via their taxi to the hostel. i ignored them untill one voice cut threw their babble. ‘the busses are closed today because the protest.’
after checking with the info desk, yes we were indead stranded at the bus station. only way out was taxi. I did think about walking, but with protesting going on all over the city, i thought that maby a taxi was the safer option.
so my first taxi ride was amusing. the driver wanted 15 for one person, 20 for two. fine. by this point i just wanted a shower, food and a bed. not judy. she spent a good half hour arguing his price down from 10 to 7 euros. and all she really did was insult him. (i aksed at the info desk and for the trip we wanted anything around 20 was fair.) we gave him the bags and hopped in.
did you know that seatbelts are optional? not the wearing of one, but the instaling one in the car bit is optional. also the speed is up to the driver.
he ended up getting us about one block away from teh hotel, then couldnt get any closer because the street was closed. wheer he droped us off was surrounded by police. we quickly got our bags then payed. walked a few meters then checked into the hostel.
i thought you guys might want to know about my adventure. so here it is.
now shower/food and some sights…
love ya’s



  1. I want to come on your next “Mis” Adventure! You are making memories that will last a lifetime. I enjoyed your giving credit to Bethel for your ability to sleep sitting up (I should thank them, too – don’t tell my boss, but I still sneak in a few Z’s)!!! Enjoy Athens, take LOTS of pictures (maybe a few of CUTE protestors -hint.hint)!!

    Luv Ya’s

  2. I agree with your Auntie Chris.. We get to go next time. In spite of your peril’s you are getting from point A to point B. Making friends and millions of life long memories. Ever find out what the protest was all about? Look forward to the next group of pictures. Hope the rest and the food were with the wait and that your room/bed is comfortable.. Love you dearly.. Be safe

  3. Misadventures, transportation challenges, political unrest… Seriously – I think that’s how Hemmingway got his start. So, if teaching doesn’t pay the bills, you can always draw upon your European tour to write a major literary masterpiece. (You can always get someone to type it up for you.)

    How do you say “innocent tourist from America” in Greek?

    If you get tired of pizza, you should try some stuffed grape leaves or anything with lamb. Musaka (sp?) is also a wonderful Greek dish.

    Also, I see your Auntie M wants you to check out a few cute protesters, but, hey, why stop there — I say go for the gusto and seek out some of those chiseled Greek gods too! (FYI…if you DO encounter a Greek god, pictures are a requirement – not an option!)

    Enjoy the ruins. Look forward to reading more about your adventures and seeing pictures. Get some sleep – in a bed – so you don’t get sick again.

    Love ya.

  4. hope your having fun i agree with your auntie chris pics of greek gods are required but why stop there hot firemen are well hot and yes pics required

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