Posted by: Heather | February 21, 2011

Venice to Athens…

Hi guys

Ive planned out then next bit of travel.

From venice im taking a 10pm train to Brindisi…ariving at 8 am the next day. from Brindisi im going to take the ferry to Patras..i think its about 13 hours. then another train/bus ride to athens.

so that all being said im not quite sure when my next post will be…
i am not skipping the comma on perpose.. i just cant find it on the keybord…
my hostel will be Neos Olympos Hotel. from the 23rd to the 25th.

oh, i was able to see the start of carnevale boat parade yesterday. my favorite was the boat with smurfs, but most people watching the parade were dresses up too. I took a picture of a group of mushroom people. great times.
I had this horrible pizza the first night i was here. Compleatly gross. hopefuly i can find better pizza in rome or in athens.

love ya



  1. Okay, that explained the mushroom people. Love your mask!

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