Posted by: Heather | February 19, 2011

Venice. Day One

i woke up this morning to the church bells going off. (such a great way to wake up)

i headed out with my great roomie, we saw the mareno island…(its the island thats famouse for its haand blown glass)
wonderfull place.

saw san marco square, going back to take pictures tomorrow. wandered the narrow and winding streets, over bridges and on boats.

Carnivel is starting in a little over a week…so there are masks EVERYWHERE. i bought one. 

We went out to wander around some more after the sun went downthis is the same bridge, as the pretty sunset picture. its only a few min walk from the hostel.

love yas



  1. Love the pictures! Glad you’re feeling better! Did Gumby get a mask? Rarw

  2. The Picture of you is really great. It’s nice to see that you must be feeling better.
    I believe however that our beautiful Granddaughter is turning into a beautiful mature young lady. The mask is very cool. it’s a shame they didn’t have one for gumby. Continue to have a safe and fun trip. Take care of gumby !! It’s nice that you have not had to use Jacks sign. Much Much Love from both us..

  3. Glad to see that you are feeling better – and getting to experience some sunshine after all that rain and drizzle and cold.

    Been on a gondola ride yet?

  4. Hi Sweetie so glad you are feeling better. You look great. Love the picture of the canal at night. Were you able to get a price on the items we talked about? if you did let me know how much I need to deposit into your account. Are you going to be seeing Catie again? Bet you enjoyed your visit with her. Have you been able to contact the Ruffels yet ? Looks like you have nice weather there, we had a nice day today 40degree and sun however there is a chance of snow sometime this week. Found your moms tablerunner placemat & napkins just about done with them. Am trying to clean uop my sewing room sure could use your hepl. Hae lots of U.F.O.’s am trying to get them done. Am working on the original quilt that I started for Justina & Cory don’t know what I will do with it when it’s done but at least it will be done. Well it’s getting late so I will say bye for now
    Love Papa & Grandma


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