Posted by: Heather | February 18, 2011

Venice. Oh yeah.

i arrived in venice.
I love this place!!!
I just had some pizza. yummm…

 if you turn your head, this is the view from my room. (its a church)

I stoped to take thhis picture on my way back to the hotel-hostel. look at how green the wather is…i love it. its warm here!!
I didnt fully realize that its an island, untill i saw it on a map.

Im really tired, so im heading off to bed now
love ya



  1. The message and picture are great.. Glad to hear you were heading to your room and bed.. I trust you got your medication and are feeling better. Get rest and enjoy the view from your room. Take really good care of my favorite oldest Granddaughter. We love and miss you..

    • Yep. really easy to get the meds.
      nasty to take, but their doing the job.
      with all the happy sunsine here, of corse im doing great!!

  2. Glad to hear you’re a little feeling better. Still traveling with Catie?

    I saw the Venice pictures on your Facebook, too. They all make Venice look like a really romantic – in an ancient, not necessarily love – kind of way. (You, know, like how we romanticize other eras or events like the Napoleonic or Georgian eras even though the reality for those living then was very different?) Anyway, the pictures of the canals and buildings were wonderful to see, but, oddly enough, I think my favorite is the dark, arched tunnel. Is there something special about that one that made you take a picture of it?

    The water is green? I heard it was very dirty because of their antiquated sewer system and the rising sea waters. You’ll have to fill me in on the historic details when you get back.

    So, how long are you in Venice for and where are you off to next?

    Hope you’re back to feeling 100% soon so you can have 100% more fun.

    Love ya.

    • I just really enjoyed the contrast of light and dark.
      Nope, catie isnt with me, shes with her shcool group in Greece right now.
      the water is very very green. I hadnt thought to ask why though..
      love ya

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