Posted by: Heather | February 16, 2011

Lets play House

Okay this post title is in honor of one of my favorite TV shows. House.

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy lately.

(Pretend to write my list of symptoms on a white board)
Sore throat
Chills then sweaty
Hard time eating or swallowing anything.
*(insert some Dr.House snide comment here 🙂  )
sore lymph nodes in neck
hoarse voice
sore muscles
watery eyes
stuffy nose and sneezing.

Sounds like the standard issue cold/ flu.
And that’s what I thought I had until it didn’t go away.
I had started with the coughing and more basic stuff in Edinburgh. Felt better in London but when I was in Berlin I started feeling a lot worse and now about 2-3 weeks since i started feeling bad I’m only getting worse.

Hun. maybe its time to see a doctor…
So I tried to find a phone to call home. nope. found plenty of payphones, nobody selling calling cards.
Plan B. Facebook.
Only its the middle of a work day in the states. My mom is working and not on facebook.
Then Britt comes on facebook. I’m saved!!
She was able to have my mom check her messages… long story short, my insurance covers me over here. yippy!!
I go online find a few doctors that our plan covers and start calling. Doctor number one doesn’t answer his phone, Doctor number two can see me in march.
I try calling the blue shield/cross help line numbers. Nope. not valid numbers.

Wonderful. I’m exhausted already, even though I’ve only been up a few hours and haven’t really done anything.
back to bed.
*the sad part of my story – i ate all my gummy frogs… 😦
i woke up at 5pm, feeling the worst yet.
I go down to reception, tell them I need a doctor now. they direct me to an urgent care place a few blocks over on Ernest-Thun-straße. I get there and they don’t take my insurance. fine. I ask what the cost would be, she doesn’t know. Fine. I wait and see the doctor about an hour later.
within 10 minutes I’m walking out with a lovely title for my sickness.

has anyone figured it out? (the part on the show where he amazingly figures it out happens below. 🙂  )
What made it so easy for Dr. Austria to diagnose me was that i had a coughing fit as i walked in the door. (the type that feels like you’re striping your throat with each cough) he did a few other test and yep, he was right.

I have a respiratory infection.
Normally these things go away on their own, but no, I have to get a pretty bad case.
It also explains why the flu pills i bought don’t work.

I have to go get my three prescriptions tomorrow. Everything is closed tonight.

oh, I had some soup for dinner. goulash soup.

Now i’m going to bed.

Love ya’s



  1. Glad it is only a respiratory infection, based on your list of symptoms, I would have guessed strep throat. Take care, get lots of rest. Can’t send you any gummy frogs . . . Maybe I can find a Tapco and send you some money to get some more.

    Speaking of Tapco, is there one in Spanaway? Or maybe one that is open on Saturday?? This working 6 days a week is getting really old . . . .

    Love your mis-adventures!!! So do Kurt and the Kids!!!!

    Luv Ya’s . . . .

  2. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I was afraid of it being more than the common cold. Glad you went to the DR. Like Auntie M, I will try to find a Tapco and deposit some funds to help with this unexpected expense. Plenty of fluids..power aide hot tea, juice vitamins and rest. Hard to get the rest when you travel..Tell Gumby he was suppose to take better care of you. Please follow the Dr. instructions. We love you.. GET BETTER!!!

  4. It’s not quite like house. Nobody got threatened, blackmailed, or fired! Also, thankfully, you didn’t have to almost die before he figured it out! He’ll never make TV. 🙂 rare rawr

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