Posted by: Heather | February 15, 2011


I arrived in Salzburg around 5pm yesterday.
Had time to check in and quickly change clothes before heading down stairs to meet Catie.
It’s really odd, I haven’t seen her since her graduation party…three years ago? But just talking as we walked back to the student dorm, it felt as if we were never apart.
News of Catie? She’s still the same wonderful person who made Jr high tolerable, with the minor addition of a flower tato, and the strange fascination with bears.
We had dinner at the dorm, then Catie had a travel meeting to go to, so i tagged along. Before the meeting she had given me a handful of Halls cough drops. (so much better then the European ones.) After the long winded meeting, we went to a Beer Hall. Literally. A hall that sells beer.
It really was great to sit back and talk with a friend about how things are going and how stupid all the people we went to school really are. I had forgotten how many little inside jokes the two of us had shared.

On the train coming I had been feeling pretty crappy, so all i had were a bag of animal crackers and a blue power aid, add a handful of cough drops, and a stine of beer. Not the best mix.
By the time I made it back to the hostel and into the dorm, I was beyond ready for bed.

I remember thinking how great it was to have been able to meet up with Catie, then I was hearing the fire alarm going off.
I had passed out and had somehow managed to sleep until 10:30ish in the morning. I didn’t hear anyone freaking out about a fire so i rolled over and debated if i really should get out of bed. Thankfully I didn’t have to decide because the alarm went off. I set my ipod to go off at noon then went back to bed.
At noon I meet Catie for lunch, her program let me have a lunch pass, so my meal was free. The food here is very salty, but that’s okay.

after lunch Catie had to get back to studying and i feeling much better decided to walk around for a while.

The top Pic. is of Gumby helping me plan our day in Berlin.

The next is of me at the Berlin Wall.

The picture of the cow is Gumby with the Sound of Music Cow.

After wandering a while I had some things i needed to buy. Tea…postcards..a washcloth…cold/flu pills.
I had a great time wandering through the streets (right)..
I ended up finding everything i wanted.

One of the funny things about Salzburg is the walk and don’t walk lights. looks like a person walking and a person on a pogo stick.

but my favorite odd thing about Salzberg is this. It’s to show you where to walk, but it looks like a bunch of little people were killed on the side walk…

then i saw this on the bridge…not so sure I’m wrong about the little people….

my shopping results.
orange tea, vitamin bonbons, a washcloth..(my last one was stolen) shampoo..nice rose soap. gummy frogs. The Haribo candy over here is so good. The only comparison i can make between American gummy and Europe gummy, is that the American gummy s taste stale and flavorless compared to these ones.
oh, and the button.. its what I’ve decided to collect from every place i spend time in. heres a better picture of the austria button..

And a picture of my dorm.
And of the best restroom door sign…that was until I realized it’s not a joke. If you stand on the toilet you CAN see over into the next side.

I’m going to be in Salzberg for another two nights. Leaving for somewhere, something on the 17th…I will get the details out decide.

Love Ya’s



  1. HI. Sorry about the pictures not lining up with the text..when i look at the page where i type and add pictures it looks great. then on this page it’s all crazy…

  2. Sounds like you and Catie had a great visit.
    Will you get to see her again over the next two days.
    The pictures are great. Truly enjoyed the one of you standing in front of the Berlin Wall.
    Don’t blame you for wondering about the one on the bridge..
    It appears that Gumby has been a big help and company.
    Glad you got some rest and that your cold/flu is getting a little better. Drink your tea..try to stay warm and have some more fun.. LOVE YOU BUNCHES..

  3. So that’s what happened to all the munchkins! Love the bathroom sign too! Beware of the troll under the bridge, he appears to be lethal :-o! Luv ya

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