Posted by: Heather | February 13, 2011

Germany. Day 3 And Change Of Plans

I woke up feeling like crap.
my cold (or a new cold) is back.
Pretty nasty.
I had some cold pills that i bought in england, but never used. Some of you might know what I cant swallow pills. Or as i should say, i have a hard time keeping pills down. Same thing today. I took one, happy because it stayed down then when i went to take the next, i threw them both up. yumm.
Luck for me the second batch of pills stayed down.
My throught felt as if i had been swalling glass, so i pulled out my hady translater, typed in cough drops and was rewared with the phrase ‘hustenbonbon’. Perfect. so i wrote it down and headed out.
It’s sunday. Nothing is open. I almost cryed.
I had one last thing i wanted to see in Berlin before heading out tomorrow, and that was the East side gallery. So i took the U-ban and amazingly enough at the last stop there was a convent store oven that had cough drops. I was so happy!
I walked the lenght of the gallery, I had a nice lady take my picture..I was upset to relize that i had left my sign at teh hostel. :(.
I had my passport stamped with the old checkpoint charlie stamp.
After the gallery i went to find german food. I found one place in my guidebook. Schwarzwaldstuben. I had the Badisches Schäufele mit Sauerkraut und Bratkartoffeln. (smoked and cooked pork (porc) with potato salad, sauerkraut and fried potatoes.)
It was really good and I’ll add the pitures as soon as i can.

Okay, now for the change of plans. I went over my guide book last night and realized that there was only one thing i wanted to see in praug was the bridge. so I’m going to go Salzberg. It’s time to see Catie. : )

I’m talking to Catie now… then its off to book my ticket.


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