Posted by: Heather | February 12, 2011

Gremany. Day two

i’m tired.
so i slept in this morning. when i headed out, i saw the Pergamon museum. its pretty cool. I was expecting something so much bigger though. the Market Gate of Miletus was great, as was the Pergamon Alter. I enjoyed the Blue-ness of the Ishtar Gate. I spent a few hours inside.
After the museum I was feeling a bit guilty about not learning/experiencing  more about Berlin. so i took the u and s ban from friedrichstre. to wedding, then went farther into east berlin. it’s not pretty, graffiti everywhere, litter and people smoking.
oh, i had a bratwurst today. didn’t get a picture, but i liked the food okay. They serve it in a hard roll. odd really.

London has its fashion,
Inverness its calm serenity,
edinbrugh its acceptance of what they are,
mabey what berlin has is its desire to remake it’s self.

I’m still tired.
but i love ya’s



  1. I checked out those walls/gates on the internet. I liked the Ishtar Gate the best. I don’t know why, but the Pergamon Alter kind of creeped me out though. You’re very fortunate to be able to see these wonderful historical artifacts in person. Have to ask, though…how big is the Pergamon Museum if it holds such huge relics?

    Will you get to see The Wall?

    I hear the architecture in the older churches in Germany is amazing. Perhaps you’ll have time to see a few. Also, I’m not sure of the name of the church, but I beleive there is one (in Berlin?) that withstood the bombing in WW II. If I recall, it was the only building left standing within a large area of the city. (Maybe I’m remembering incorreclty, though.)

    I’m sure you’ll get around to checking out the beers, but be sure and check out the pastries, too.

    Will you be touring any of the concentration camps while you’re in that part of Europe? I wonder if their historical perspective on that era is the same as ours, or, if like Japan, they teach a revisionist view.

    Get some rest and have lots of fun.

    Love ya.

    • Yes, our tour guide talked about one church that escaped being bombed…i think it was the one with the green domes….I cant think of its name though..:(
      The architecture is preatty great here, it’s a bit odd, you see these great buildings, then you see these Socialist era buildings. plain, simple and uniform.
      I had the option of going on a tour of Sachsenhausen. it was the model camp that set teh standard for all of those that followed. After reading the tour highlights I didn’t think it was something i wanted to take on. (the highlights were seeing the Appellplatz or Roll call square, the jewish Barracks, the pathology department, Station z (extermination center and crematorim) and the Gestapo Prison.
      While i understand going to these memorial’s are very important…I don’t really want to see them. Seeing them would make it too real. I mean this was a concentration camp 66 years ago. its not long enought to view with detachement.
      Well, i think thats my worst job at explaining yet.
      I haven’t asked how WWII is taught here, i want to know, but i’m not sure if it would be a touchy subject.

  2. Let me know if you get to visit any of the concentration camps. Your great grandad was one of the American soldiers who discovered and helped liberate them. Bit of family connection. Luv ya!

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