Posted by: Heather | February 12, 2011

germany. Day one

Guten Tag. Welcome to Germany.

Do you remember all those war movies about berlin? how cold everything seamed to be? Hollywood got it right. It’s freezing. brrrrrr.
I wend to do some  shopping in the morning. found some really cute items.
I did the Sandmans, New Europe tour in the afternoon. My guide was Finn, an Irishman.
we started at the Brandenburg gate, where we learned that the sculpture (by johann gottfried) of a goddess and her chariot of four horses. was stolen by Napoleon in 1806. The Prussians were able to get it back in 1815. the head and bust had to be recast and when they did so, they changed it, The goddess who used to stand for peace and harmony, no longer fit, so they changed her to the goddess of victory.
now when they changed the bust and head of the statue, they rotated the head, so the goddess of victory now is staring at the french embassy. 

We saw all the main sights, along with great stories. my favorite bit was about Hitlers favorite Opera house. its next to the Humboldt university. (Humboldt university one university where, in the mist of all hitlers craziness, the students took out thousands of books and burnt them. now every day in front of the university, they sell books.)
hitler despised Berlin, and when ever he was forced to be in the city her would spend most of his time at this opera house. the allied forced knew about it and blew it up. hitler pulled together a bunch of workers and had them rebuild the opera house. meanwhile the rest of the city is falling down. He finally get’s the opera house rebuilt. two weeks later it’s destroyed.  by a group of american bombers.

i took pictures, but i cant up load any here.

Finn talked about some of his favorite questions he has been asked while giving the tour.
my favorites where..
what country are we in?
do we meet hitler on this tour?
do i need my passport to see east berlin?

After the tour I went out with the group and had dinner at this great restaurant. the soup was amazing!!

All jokes aside, berlin is a very sad city.
The city is so eager to re invent its self, that i think its losing what it means to be Berlin.
it reminds me of a quote about america, something along the lines, American doesn’t know where its going, but it’s going to be the first to get there.
i’m finding more french, indian, american, Italian, and chinese food, then german.
i asked at reception where i could get some national or favorite regional dishes. She said that the only place she could think of was curryworst. An Indian-German food place.

oh, I was out with the tour, and we started hearing this noise, all this chanting and then we saw this huge mob of people streaming up the street parallel to ours. I don’t remember the color of the flags, but the tour guide said its normal to see that. If it happens around one of us when we’re out and about, to step into a shop till it passes.
Nice advice right?

Love ya’s


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