Posted by: Heather | February 10, 2011

Bus to Berlin

here we go.
i walked to victoria coach station from the hostel.
arrived in time to wait in line to check in. while i was sandwiched in line, a french guy was going off in his mother tong. the police were called in, and them and frency went outside.
I got on the coach ok. I enjoyed the ride untill we reached the Chunnel crossing. the coach drove into this huge mettle box\tube. think the subway, without any windows. I hated it. it was like having vertigo, but not as bad. everything was moving like you where in a car, except you couldn’t see anything move. (pretty bad job at explaining)
 around 11pm I arrived in Brussels. after checking to make sure that my camera was still with me, I hoped off grabbed my bag and…couldn’t find the next coach. 
there where no #170 busses.
there was no one that spoke more then a few words english.
I went into the station, found out that i needed to have my ticket switched.
Found the right bus, (#8) handed off my bag, then was told that it was 1.50. 
I thought the guy was joking, so i laughed and turned to leave, he took my bag off the bus.
I went back and explained that I had already paid  for me and my luggage to arrive in Berlin.
nope. 1.50
no. i showed him my ticket.
anyway this went back and forth for a bit untill a couple needed to stow their bags, same thing.
by then i was mad.
i pulled out my printed ticket and showed this guy where it said that I had paid for myself AND my luggage to get to Berlin.
Guess what?
He didn’t read english. (Perfect right?)
Fine, I asked him for a receipt, and handed over 2 pounds.
he handed the money back, i said its 2 pounds here, and tried to get him to take it.
he wouldn’t take my pounds, he wanted euros.

I the middle of all of my being stubborn, I realized that i had forgotten to exchange my left over pounds for euros.
Oh, crap.
this guy was pissed off at me,  i wasn#t thrilled with him, and now I don’t have a way to pay him. I bet my face was priceless. Thankfully the english couple behind me were nice. they paid for my bag.
I tried to give them the equivalent in pounds, but they wouldn’t take it.
turns out it was my first experience with a scam. the old pay extra for your bag bit is a standard one. The couple behind knew what was going on, same as the old guy.
I managed to make the couple except a few american dollars, in exchange to helping me out.

Then after nine more hours, I arrived in Berlin.
Thankfully my bag was still there. The grinning old guy handed me my bag with a wink.

The girl who sat next to me was from berlin and showed me the quickest way to get to the hostel. One train ride and one subway ride later, I pulled out the hostel directions and turned right leaving the station. All would have been right, had the directions said turn left, not turn right.
by turning right, i walked five blocks the wrong way, realized that it didn’t seem right, turned around, walked all the way back and started using my full repertoire of german. “Sprechen Sie English?” (Do you speak English?). I was the right way and found the hostel in about five minutes.

I’m checked in, payed for and now have to wait till 3 to get into by room. number 211. its a huge hostel.

okay. this keyboard is messed up. most of the symbols are moved and some letters. Mainly the Y, it’s now a Z. ugggg…like spelling wasn’t hard enough.

love ya’s



  1. How do you think the baggage Guy is paying for his retirement? Glad someone helped you out! There are nice people everywhere, okay, and bad ones 🙂

  2. Hi Heather
    Hope things are getting better. I bet you are getting smarter by the minute. I found the green fabric I needed to finish my table runner. It was in the house of all places for it to be anywayit’s all done now. Now if I could just find your moms tablerunner I could finish it. Well I looked all over and can’t find it so I am going to make another on called the christian cross. I like it better. Hope to get it finished by next weekend. I sure do miss you especially when I need someone to help me in the sewing room. I went to GeeGee’s and spent my gift certificates and more wait til you see what I bought. How is the weather there? Itwas cold but no rain here today but it’s suppose to rain tomorrow. Well it’s getting late now so I will close for now. We love and miss you

    Love Papa & Grandma

    • the weather is cold, with a strong chance of snow. brrrr.
      i’m using my hand warmers today.
      glad you found the fabric, hopefull you find moms table runner.
      love ya.

  3. Dear Pauline….

    I knew I should have included a “you could exchange your money” in my list of things to do on your last day in London!

    Glad things worked out – and that your adventure ended happily.

    Your translater will probably give you these, but I thought they might come in handy: Guten (goo ten) = good; Nacht (knock ta) = night; Morgen (morgan) = morning; Tag (tog) = day (so guten morgen = good morning; guten tag = good day; guten nacht = good night); Danka (dawn caa) = thank you; Danka Schoen (dawn caa show en) = thank you very much; Bitta (bit tah) = please; Bishen (bish ohn) = little; Maitchen (maych ken) = girl/young woman (maiden, literally); Kinder (kin dare) = child/children; Vei Gehts (vee gates) = how are you (informal); Vei Gehts Es Ienen (vee gates s eenan) = how are you (formal – used with those in authority and due respect, including people much older than you); Essen (s n) = eat; Zie (z) = you (formal, and usually used at the end of a sentence); Was (vahs) = what; Machen (maa ken) = make (so, was machen zie = what are you makiing? Or, was essen zie? = What are you eating?); Dumkopf (doom cough) = dummy/idiot; Du (due) = you (informal, and usually used at the end of a sentence, so, du ist eine maitchen? = you are a girl? Or, Du ist eine dumkopf = You are an idiot!); Has (hoss) = has/have (informal) (so, Du has = You have…); Habben (hob ben) = have (formal) (so, Was habben zie? = What do you have?); Ya (yaw) = yes; Nicht (nick t) = no/not; Meine (mine ah) = mine; Nama (nah mah) = name; Ist (ist) = is (so, meina nama ist Heather = my name is Heather); Ich (ick) = I (or me); Ich Bien (ick been) = I am; and Ich Bien eine (ick been eye na) = I am a (you finish the sentence with whatever is appropriate, like “tourist,” “American,” etc.

    Allso, in case you aren’t aware, there are multiple (5 or 6, I think) dialects of German. I hope your translator compensates for that!

    Hope you’re having fun – now that you’ve left the luggage scammer far behind you.

    Love ya.

  4. Ok so next time they just take ur bag and load it itself if they have.a problem with that tell them ur American and they can shut the he@l up

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