Posted by: Heather | February 9, 2011

English Breakfast

I have made it my goal (with the help of Britt,) to eat a few national dishes in every country I go.
Scotland had Haggis,
London had fish’n chips,
but the main english dish i wanted to try was the full english breakfast.

A full english breakfast includes, a sausage, a slice of bacon, a rosted tomato and mushrooms, eggs with toast and tea.

I read my free german phrase book while waiting for my meal. I’m downloading some iTunes german language podcasts to help.

then my meal came.

where did the baked beans come from? was my first thought, followed quickly by the realization that the yolks were runny. ewww.
I had a little bit of every thing, then decided to tackle the eggs. I hated the texture, so I mixed in some of the beans, and tried to forget what I was eating. All in all i really enjoyed the meal. The best part was the tomato.

Yesterday, i told you that a group of us walked along the river, did you know how nasty the river really is?

Yep. it’s Brown. lovely.

this is St. Gabriel’s church. or at least the ground around the church. yesterday was the first sunny day I’ve had in london, so I did a bit or random walking around. This church is a few blocks from the hostel and is completely surrounded by houses.

okay. I’m going to be heading off to victoria coach station in about another hour. then its going to be around 15 hours on a bus.
I’m not sure when my next post will be.

love ya’s



  1. You’re braver than I would be in eating that breakfast. I actually had to re-read your description to identify some of the items on the plate. Where’s the toast?

    Wonder if your taste buds don’t go into shock when you eat your first German meal!

    Hope you enjoy(ed) your bus ride.

    Love ya.

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