Posted by: Heather | February 8, 2011

The Tate Modern Adventure

First, My eurail pass was scheduled to be delivered yesterday. The very clever post man couldn’t figure out how to deliver the letter, since it had to be signed for.
so I had to call fedx and tell this wonderful associate that if the clever post man OPENED the door, someone could sigh for the letter. Problem solved.
I hung around the hostel till he arrived today, signed, and received my letter.
(when typing that, I had a flash back to playing Pokemon, when you received something the game did that funny theme music. )

I had bought a few clear plastic organizers at sainsbury, and organized my maps, confirmation papers and ticket passes. yey.

I was talking with a few people, and we decided to go see tate modern. (not tate britain). no problem, a nice 45 minute walk along the Thames. about 10 minutes into the walk, Kyle, got a phone call from his ex-girl friend, who dumped him because he was sleeping around with her. and he left our happy group.
the rest of us continued along our merry way. for the next 35 minutes, then realized Kyle’s 45 minute walk time was crap. it took about an hour all in all getting to the tate. we (the three of us. Rosie, Phillip, and myself) waited till Amily, (pronounced like Emily, but with an a sound) got there. (another 30 minutes).
we spend about 15 minutes walking around, I found a nice piece by  Pollock that i enjoyed. aswell as the Salvador Dali pieces.
after that 15 minutes we decided the we were done.
Rosie and Amily, went out to drink. leaving me with Phillip.
we made our way to the subway. this guy was in the army and works privately over in suddan and Iraq. for you who have read the stepheny plum novels, think tank. a more completely self centered and shallow person, i have never met. the entire 25 minute tube station ordeal he talked at me about body building, steroids and other enhancements. joy.
the one useful part and highly amusing part is, as we were coming back at rush hour, the tube was full. when this happened, he got on pushed people back physically then stood there so i could get on. I had a very lovely bubble space since no one could get through this guy. on the second tube, he very loudly stated that this country’s going to shit with all those f*ing terrorist they let in. all while standing in a compartment with Indian and middle eastern people. Besides the two of us there was one other white person. Nice, right?
My own thoughts ran along the line of. oh shit.
We finaly made our way back to the hostel, I headed down to have dinner, he headed out to go to the gym.
the conclusion to my afternoon amusement?  don’t bother going to the other two tate museums. its not worth it.

oh, a happy sidenote, anyone who wants to see the Tate B. Page for the Top Gun piece, here is the link. 



  1. More shallow than Cory? Impossible!!! LOVE hearing your adventures. Looking forward to your mis-adventures in Germany!!!

    • a shower stall would have more depth then this guy.

  2. Was the bubble big enough people didn’t know he was you? Glad to see postal employee standards are the same worldwide! Please, don’t drink the water! Luv ya!

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