Posted by: Heather | February 7, 2011

New Plans

I’ve just booked my bus ( coach) ticket to Berlin, Germany.
And..(heres the best part..) Booked my four night stay already.
My Bus ticket is BUIV-01-8D4C2. Leaving London, (victoria coach station) at 14:20 ..(2:30pm) to Brussels, Belgium, arriving at 22:45.
from Belgium to Berlin, Germany.

i’m looking at the ticket now…i have 15 mins. to transfer buses. this should be fun, or at least give an amusing story later. 

My hostel will be Amstel House.  Four Nights.
The best part? I went out today and bought a lonely planet guide for berlin and the other main cites. the map in the book, doesn’t have the coach station. and i cant find it on mapquest either. ….
I feel another Pauline adventure in the future..

I called the rufflles today, and are going to get together when i’m back in london in two months time.
oh, i just realized i’ll be in berlin for valentines…  : (.
any suggestions on what to do for my last full day in London?

Love ya’s



  1. Buy your mom a cadbury caramel bunny, then send it to her! DON’T EAT IT! Luv ya!

  2. We got a post card !!!!! Thank You.. So your off again. Watch for bee’s in those flowers. Take lots of pictures. and tell Gumby to be careful.
    Glad that ET could finally make a phone call..
    Love You Heather Go ahead and it the carmel’s npt pasta.

  3. On your last day in London, you could: check out the English equivalent of our Wall Street; wander the streets speaking in your best English accent and see what types of responses you get; get a tatoo of the Queen (or your favorite soccer team); check out the houses/museums of famous writers; take the Jack the Ripper tour (ewww!); or, you could go to the German embasy and get a better map.

    Valentines Day in Berlin would be interesting. Do they celebrate it the same way we do, with utmost homage to Hallmark, FTD, and Sees? Or do they have some ancient traditions that have nothing to do with commercialism?

    Are you staying in Germany for 4 days only, or just at that particular hostle for 4 days? I can ask Edie for some suggestions on things to see and do if you’re going to be there for a bit.

    Looking forward to the next installment, Pauline.

    Have a blast.

    Love Ya.

    • i’m going to be in Berlin for four days, not sure if i’m going to stay longer in germany. I’m afraid that if i stay too long in anyplace, i might not get to see all i want to.
      i’m not sure how they do Valentines day…
      below is a bit from an artical I just read…
      the celebration of Valentine’s Day as we know it today with the cards giving ritual and the little heart shaped gifts or chocolates, spread out from France and England to other countries such as Canada and USA. As mentioned earlier, this celebration is quite recent in Germany. It is thought to have started only after the second world war and it is really aimed towards adults only; no cute little heart shaped cards being given between kids at school. It is a strictly “mature subject”.
      As in all other countries celebrating it, you will find in German stores a full range of romantic paraphernalia; gifts and cards and chocolates specifically made for Valentine’s Day. All in pink and red, of course!
      But you will also find an interesting little German twist to these Valentine’s objects: the addition of a pig! Thus, you can find little pigs offering flowers, or others laying down on chocolate hearts in rather provocative postures.
      These little pigs are the symbol of luck but also of lust. Thus, for extra luck with the love one or the would be Valentine, there are some pigs holding a 4 leaves clover while climbing a little ladder on a heart.

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