Posted by: Heather | February 5, 2011

London… Still


I had a great day in london today!!!

woke up in time to eat the free breakfast the hostel provides. yumm.
Changed rooms (again). Headed out to the National portrait Gallery. WOW, that place really packs a punch. My favorite piece was calledYasna by Hadas Mualem. His current series is called In between. and is about people who have had to leave their native countries and reside in another. What caught my attention is that his subjects, don’t feel connected to any one country. they are no longer what they were raised, and their new country has yet to become home.
interesting, it’s kinda like a gray area. An In between area. You aren’t one or the other.  Your no longer american but also you’re not english either. (or what ever nationalities). The more i think about it, the more I’m fascinated by his study.
His picture,a young lady. sitting at a table, the walls of the room taking up all the background. a simple vase with heather/lavender type flowers. summer cotton style dress. simple pane head band. patterned table cloth. hands beneath the table. but what holds your attention, is the young lady, her face, beautiful by all modern definition, simple but bold features, her expression, she seems to be saying,” i am here.. but what has it cost me?” it’s truly amazing… I can’t find it anywhere online…. :(.

anyway, : )
after the NPG I came back to the hostel for lunch. pasta.  cheap pasta. with bread.

I hung around for a while and chatted with some different guests. (most I’ve talked in a bit. : ) )

I’ve just came back from the Tate Gallery. That place has some…unusual art. one piece that was amusing was a huge piece of thick paper, with the entire script of Top Gun written on it. Besides the unusual they had some more accepted art, including an entire wing devoted to Turner. (Although his “the fighting temeraire” is displayed at the national gallery.)
I’m not sure what i’ll be doing tomorrow…I might go see the British museum, then spend the afternoon walking along the Thames…

oh, i’ve got more gumby adventure pictures….

Still waiting for my Eurail Pass, it should be here on the 8th , if so, I’m heading out to Frankfurt on the 9th.

Love ya’s



  1. The art exhibit sounds great. It’s nice that you are taking time to check out the different museums. Bet you didn’t find any with my name on them..
    Did you get the message with the phone number? Will check back to see what you decide to do next.. We Love You..

  2. It sounds like you’re getting to know your way around London well.

    The In Between series sounds like it had a profound impact on you. Too bad we can’t check it out on-line as it’s probably not an easy emotion to capture. Personally, I don’t think you can ever really stop being an American, Canadian, Kenyan, whatever-ian. So much of our nationality is inherent. We’re taught it from an early age, and it’s reenforced in everything around us our entire lives. I mean, we all know that George Washington never told a lie (even though we know it’s probably not true), and we probably all get a little choked up when the Star Spangled Banner. It’s llike how the majority of us feel when we see our flag burned: We know it’s a form of freedom of speech, which is protected by the First Amendment, but it deeply angers us and even causes a physical reaction in many. No one had to tell us it was wrong, we just know it. So, I can’t imagine people from other countries not feeling the same about some of their national values either. I would think that any immigrant would naturally feel torn. They may not like their government, and that may be why they moved to another country, but they almost always retain sentiment for their country of origin. I think that we all realize that, and maybe that’s why blending into and being accepted into a new culture can be so difficult. There’s always that question of divided loyalty, and the less noble collective tendancy to go to the “us and them” mentality – and while less noble, I’m sure it’s a valuable collective self-presevation response (just ask the Trojans, right?). Anyway, even if you’re not an anthropologist or psychologst, you’re a historian, so I’m sure you get what I’m trying to say.

    Did you happen to get a picture of the Top Gun artwork? (Do they let you take pictures in the galleries even? Probably not. Art’s not necessarily for the masses anymore – it’s for those with a entry ticket.) Anyway, it’s Mac’s favorite movie and he got a big smile when I read your entry outloud.

    We received your post card today. I didn’t know it was possible to get that much writting on such a little card! We all enjoyed it and on display on the bookshelf. Thank you for sending it!

    Your posts kind of remind me of the Perils of Pauline. You’ve probably never seen them or even heard of them, but they’re old silent movies featuring a young woman who always finds herself in peril. No matter how innocent and carefree her adventures begin, they always – and I mean always – end up as an adventure. However, unlike Pauline, you don’t require a handsome stranger to rescue you: Modern young woman that you are, you get by quite nicely on your own merit!

    Hope you have fun tomorrow. Another day…another adventure!

    Love ya.

    • I just got back from the tate brittish again.
      I walked right to the piece, took the picture(s), then left. : )
      I will post them tomorrow.

  3. Post Note: Heather, it looks like you aren’t the only one who could benefit from Spellchecking. I just re-read my post while I was waiting and realized I shouldn’t type these at night when I’m so tired. But hey, I figure if anyone can decipher my message, you can, Oh Great Typed Language Inventor that you are. (Actually, I’ve begun to hear rumors of the LAM – Liberate the Alphabet Movement. Word is that they’re leader is a spunky young blonde who hangs around art galleries, haunted battlefields, and porno/phone booths while eating haggis, whiskey, cheap pasta, and, on occassion, deep fried Mars bars. She’s often seen in the company of Gumby, and her calling cards are truly horribly mis-typed text messages and blogs. Her most distinguished characteristics are her overly sized fingers, which authorities believe to be the reason behind her cause. Her true identiy remains unknow, but she’s going to change the written world – or should I say written word? – one typo at a time!)

    Love ya!

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