Posted by: Heather | February 4, 2011

The Hostel Mess

**very deep sigh**

ok, today i was told that the hostel was booked for tonight, so i asked where they recommended. YHA Oxford street. great. I hopped on the tube, and spent the next 15 min. stuck in a tunnel. I was then informed that the tube ahead of ours had broken down and untill they where up and moving, we’re not going anywhere. perfect. I read the newspaper. wondered about egypt leaders sincerity. And after a bit longer and a transfer I arrived at Oxford circus. I walked around the same 2 block area for about an hour. My map had the hostel located on Noel and Poland St. and all that was there was  a construction site. I asked a police man to help me. he was great. Walked me right to the construction site. The hostel is closed – under concrustion. go figure.
ok, no big deal. I got back on the tube, headed to london bridge station. checked with the hostels there. all booked. Perfect.
I then headed back to my starting point of astor victoria hostel, and asked if their was another place close by that they knew of. ( and other hostel sites are famous for claiming to cost a certain amount then you show up and there’s this huge cost for a dorm. Asking fellow travelers is much better.)
Yes there was this hotel that had a few rooms that they lent for about £25 for teh backpackers. (this ment the worst rooms that no one else would agree to stay in)
I got their address and was about to head out again, when the very attentive receptionist asked me if i was looking for a room. Why yes i was. (how could she guess?) she then told me that a couple had just canceled their reservation, and i could have it.
i’ve spent the best part of a day, 6 hours, walking around london, trying to find a bed, only to have this happen.

hi, this is my revision of the former post.
I am now staying at Astor Victoria until the morning of the 9th of February.
it’s a bit funny how i managed to get the rooms. besides my self there was one other girl who also needed a bed for tomorrow. we both asked at the same time, both of us were asked to check in tomorrow afternoon and see if they had any cancellations. she left to partying. I stayed and had a chat with the two ladies giving free HIV testing. Very interesting people. but as I don’t need to be tested, why waste the organizations money to receive more crap to carry around?. anyway as i was sitting there having one of the most award and amusing conversations in my life. A phone call came in and a bed was made available. so i booked and pre booked till the 9th.

**side note. I bought this drink at the store, its a non-frozen concentrate, you just add water to the liquid and drink. It really goes right through you.

Love ya’s



  1. Well, you did want travel and adventure! Keep laughing! I’ll think of you when I’m snuggled under my comforter listening to the dog snore 🙂 rarw

    • ha ha
      have any of the postcards arrived yet?

  2. I think you may have been able to stay at construction site for free!! I think the construction workers would have LOVED to see your bright smiling face every morning when they showed up for work!!! Glad to hear you didn’t need the HIV test (LOL)! I can only imagine that conversation . . . .

    So, where does your adventure take you next? We may want to warn them about a certain american blonde without a GPS (LOL). The kids like it when I read your posts to them every night. Austin sits there shaking his head (I think he secretly wishes it were him having the adventures). Allison is jealous. Dylan is, well Dylan . . . It is hard to tell if Kaitlin likes hearing them – although she does laugh a lot while I am reading them. I will try to get some money to you (I will send you a message in facebook to let you know how much I sent). That being said, if you come across a stuffed elephant or an elephant figurine (small enough to travel with) would you get it for D. Anything military for Austin. Anything girlie and sparklie for Allison. I would appreciate it (also let me know how much it would cost to send it to the states and I will send that much, too).

    Keep having fun!

    • I’m headed for frankfurt next. : )
      You mentioned that austin would liek something military themed, is he concidedering following cory on his career path?
      I will keep my eyes open, i have an idea for allie already…hehhe
      Love ya’s

  3. Got your postcard today — have been following your adventures via blog. Sounds like the kind that will make the best memories. Stay safe and we’ll see you around tryout time.

  4. ET are you there ?
    PaPa called his cousin len in Harstock. From their house to reach Lil and Norm they dial 020-8590-3314..Hope this works !!!!! If not at least we know Len and Ann’s no. was working this morning Like our number much better..

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun today. I don’t think I would have enjoyed being stuck in the tube. I hope the ladies appreciated that you didn’t have any reason for an aids test.
    The memories recorded in your mind, journal and blog will be with ya forever.
    Carry on. Be safe and keep sharing with those of us stuck at home
    Love You !!!!!


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