Posted by: Heather | February 3, 2011

The Eurail Mess

buying a travel pass sounds pretty simple right? nope.

First for me to get the pass, I must have somewhere for it to be mailed to. Okay, I talked the hostel i’m currently staying at to allow me to have mail sent even though i’m not going to be staying here the entire time i’m waiting.
next part is buying the pass. I go online pick my 5 country’s.
Czech Rep.
Spain. (for you Michelle + Britt) : )

done. good, i type the new address, pick the shipping, enter my billing address, enter my visa info, enter again, my name, country, age, all the fun stuff.
then I hit pay and a lovely message from tapco (my bank) pops up.
since it’s an overseas purches online, then need me to enter a few things. one of which i dont have.


I log off. talk to reception about where the nearest phone booth is. a few blocks away. but they only work with credit cards or phone cards. (naturely) so i walk to the nearest newspaper store, (3 blocks to the right) buy the phone card. walk to the red phone booth. and place my call.
*2 quick side notes, the phone booth is COVERED with pornographic images, suggestions and numbers to call. It looked as if more than one person had taken up the invite.
*calling home looked like this . dial 08006524767 then wait till the voice asks for the pin, dial 08738266019. then dial 001 then pause followed by, 2538468050.

the phone rings, once, twice, three, four and no one answers.
so i use my ipod to find the time at home, 3 am. (i laugh)
so I place the call again, wondering if i should be wearing gloves. (i used my hand sanitizer after the call. twice)
thankfully my mom answers. she goes into my room and finds the info i need, we talk, its nice to hear from someone i can understand (…verbally)
after about three minutes the phone dies. i guess my phone card, while stating 3o minutes of talk time, means 5 minutes international time.
so i walk back to the hostel, get online and finally place my order. now i just have to sit tight till the 8th of February.

I hope you enjoyed my mid-morning mess.
love ya’s



  1. Next time I’ll answer in Russian! It was great to talk to you (3am?!) Did you get a picture of you in the phone Booth? Or is that a porn Booth? Remember, I’m a dinosaur, so like you know…

    • i’m not going to take a picture of that phonebooth. not everyone reading is a dirty old lady. rawr.

  2. Who wants that popping up when you are showing off your pictures..
    LOOK AT ALL THE FUN YOUR HAVING Problem solving 101..Keep laughing..

  3. Here’s a link to help you pass the time while you wait for February 8th:

    Not very informative, but amusing.

    P.S. Uncle Terry wishes you had taken a picture of the porn booth.

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