Posted by: Heather | February 2, 2011


yeah I made a mistake.
the pass that i said I would be getting, i’m not.  Unlike the other travel passes, its 15 days was the entire lenght of the pass, not how many travel days you recieved. so it looks like i will be going with the rail pass, wich is a bit more expencive, but has the huge bonus of not being a bus.

okay the first is of russell sq. tube station.
2nd- view from edin. castle
3rd- teh guns view from edin. Castle
4th – deep fryed mars bar…
5th- the bit of rock i went down, then had to climb back up
6th – the warning signs saying not to go down that path…there facing the wrong way…

i cant figure out how to get this picture  or text to move, but the rest of my pictures are on my facebook page, i cant load anymore on this post.

love ya’s



  1. Take care of your Cold..Plenty of rest Orange juice and lots of tea.
    If the deep fried mars bar tasted as bad as it looks, I know why you didn’t eat it.
    Trains are suppose to be much better than the bus!! You’ll have to let us know.
    Glad you got the addresses and phone numbers.. Enjoy your dinner.
    We Love You =) =) =)

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