Posted by: Heather | February 2, 2011

I really dislike busses

I got on the bus alright. Edinburgh to london. 9 hours.

the blue and yellow bus pulls up to the station, you get your bags, hand out your ticket, stow your bag and walk on to the bus. the smell of stale urine rushed to greet you along with the aroma of alcohol coming from the gentleman in the first row. After quickly finding a window seat you hurriedly endeavor to make no one want to sit next to you. coughing or in my case sneezing works amazingly well. Around 2am all the window seats are taken and the new borders look for the least creepy to sit next to, and for me that means losing my precious leg room to a french woman who thinks that luggage goes in my area…(bubble).  I move her suitcase over with my leg and keep it there. now she has no leg room. damn.
she settles this by putting her feet on top of her suitcase and leaning onto me. I shrug my shoulder, she moves. she moves back, i shrug my shoulder. this continues untill i sneeze on her. (it was an accident) she gives me a disgusted look and finally takes out her cell phone. she spends the rest of the 5 hour ride talking quite loudly in french.
when I finally make it to Victoria Station, i pull out my ‘lets go europe’ guide and realise that this map only has the main streets named. my hostel is not on a main street. half an hour later, i make it to Victoria Astor Hostel…and am told that my booking was not valid. thankfully someone else had just called and canceled so i get their room.
I am not allowed to get into the room untill 2pm.
I think i’ve mentioned that Edinburgh made me sick. now i’m feeling the entire effect; hot then cold, runny/stuffy nose, sneezing, tired and sore, and my tail hurt.
despite the above, being sick wouldn’t bother me except that my voice is getting closer to Kermit the frog every time i talk.

love ya’s



  1. Did you use the translator to find out what she was saying about you? What was wrong with your reservation? Drink lots of tea with honey!

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