Posted by: Heather | February 2, 2011

Eurolines Pass

I went to STA travel today, and talked with them about the best way to travel europe. the conclusion was to go through bussabout. I read the information provided, loved the prices and flexibility, i went and transferred the money to my card. when i returned, the lady helping me explained that she had made a mistake, the bussabout program starts running in May.
Plan B.  She then talked about getting a eurorail pass, sounded pretty good, prices are higher, but same thing really. A eurorail pass has to be booked then shipped to the person ordering. So I left STA travel with the intention of booking the recommended pass.
Plan C. I was cleaning out my little bag and found a brochure for a Eurolines Pass. Since i’m a youth (anyone under the age of 26) and i’m traveling during the off/low season, 15 days of travel will cost me £159.  about $350 ish. AMAZING!!!  I’m heading down to the office to buy it right after this. The only downside is that after buying the pass, I have to book my  first day of travel one week prior to leaving.
i’m really not overly pleased about staying in london for so long. one week would be fine if i hadn;t already been here a few days at the beginning of the trip and will be back again with mommy so show her things.
And just for sunshine and giggles, the hostel is booked after tomorrow night. so i get to find a new place and cart my stuff and newly bought food-stuffs off to another place. (i’m going to have rice with a sweet and soursauce on top with a lovely ceaser salad for dinner tonight…. I love shopping at Salisbury, my entire weeks worth of food cost me less than 8 pounds. it’s mostly proper food too. 😉

I will post more pictures tonight.
love ya’s


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