Posted by: Heather | February 1, 2011

change of plans and US embassy alert


I read the bus timetables wrong and am leaving tonight at 10:30 and am arriving in london tomorrow around 7am.

I have read the US Embassy Alert and will do my best to be vigilant about getting on transportation without bombs attached.
I have set up an account with the US Embassy, under the STEP program and have given them my consent to let my family know whats going on should i be involved with something needing your attention.
that being said, I would like to copy and paste a line of that warning, “The Department of State has issued this Travel Alert to inform U.S. citizens traveling to or resident in the United Kingdom (UK) of the continuing high level of … threat”
The warning has been in place for sometime, and will remain in place for some time.

I sent off a package today, heading home with my uk guidebooks and the few gifts i had already bought. stay out. : ) except mom, who can use them if she feels them to be needful.
 ummm… I will do my best to keep you guys at home aware of my transportation times and routes. tonight at 22:30 I will be getting on the M20 bus from Edinburgh to london, arriving at 7:30, if the bus doesnt break down. 😉

I had some shortbread yesterday.  sooooooo good!! and i bought some fudge today. I wasn’t going to, but i walked by the shop and stopped to watch them making it. it smelt even better then the stall at the fair. and I got half a slice for free to ‘try’ as i made up my mind. In the end i went with the sea salt carmel and walnut and a slice of the vanilla. i’m going to have a bit of it when i’m waiting for the bus tonight. 

love ya’s



  1. mom, i ment you can use the guidebook, not the wee giftys inside. 🙂

  2. Glad you’re being safe! Not surprised you can’t read a bus schedule! 🙂 I went to the library yesterday and got books to plan with. I’m almost done! Not sure yet if i’m starting in Cork or London. I want to be out of England before the wedding crap starts! Luv ya!

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