Posted by: Heather | January 29, 2011

Edinburgh day three


i had a wonderful adventure today. so wonderful that i almost needed to be rescued by park people.
here is the story.
in the middle of Edinburgh there is this park, the park used to be a volcano, and at its highest peak its called athurs seat. so i thought i could get some pretty good pictures up there so, i got a map and headed up. besides pointing out how amazingly out of shape i’m in, the hike was great, wonderful pictures, cold air, great times. then i tried to get down.
i decided that i was going to follow the second trail off the mountain/large hill. no problem, i’ve got a map, i know where i’m at and how to get down. so down i go. about 5 minutes down i stop to take some pictures, nice ones. and a couple pass me on their way down. no problem. about 5 more minutes down i realise that this is getting pretty hard. then i’m about to go down this really steep bit and that little voice kicks in. i start second thinking going down this way. so i stand there and think, in the end i realise that i probably should turn around and go down the way i came up. thats when it gets good/bad. i find that i have managed to get stuck. i’ve been going down almost sheer bit of shale rock. it took me 30 minutes to stack up piles of rock  to stand on to climb out of the area i was in.
turns out that in the past week, Edinburgh has had a lot of rain, and bits of the stairway had fallen off the side of the mountain. once i had gotten down via the same route i went up i walked around to see the way i had been trying to get down . yep, if i had gown down another ten feet, i would be stuck. just like the couple who passed me were. the park rangers where already on the way up with their gear to get ‘those damn americans’ down.
the signs that say that the trail is closed are all facing the bottom of the trail. not the top.
so that was my great adventure of the day.

love ya’s




  1. Yea Heather! Not all dumbs are blonde! But, were the rangers cute?

  2. Heather it sounds like your having a great time keep sending the pictures they are great to look at. were is your sign i made you just in case you get lost ha ha

    • It’s good that we havn’t seen your great sign yet Gary.. Means she been anle to find her way out of trouble so far..

  3. Definitely getting you a GPS next time! (And maybe a rock climbing helmet, too!)

    Glad you avoided an international incident, though.

    Keep having fun and making memories!

  4. Very good idea you had.. Stop think, turn around stack some slate and go the other way. Bet you had more fun watching those Americans being resued than you would have had being resued with every one watching.
    Glad you are having such a good time..continue being safe and stacking up the memories,

  5. Glad you got out before you were a third to get stuck…. 😀
    Also a heads up that the Bomber’s won today to get to the Semi-Finals of the Founder’s Cup!! Enjoying the pictures and the blog, stay safe!

    • Great job bombers!! I hope thay do well next game.

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