Posted by: Heather | January 25, 2011

Quick note


did you guys know that these people use a 24 hour clock? I didn’t.
It’s driving me crazy. Ok the bus leaves at 14:35. Great.
Out come my fingers. 12, 13, 14. Ok two fingers = two o clock.

My poor over used fingers. Hehehe.
Love ya’s

Ok my iPod is glitching.. Sorry ’bout the fonts.



  1. Ok word of advice with the whole 24 hour clock. U can set the clock on ur iPod to 24hour clock . And if u don’t want to do that take what ever weird time it is like 1530 and subtract 12 and u get 330. Or u can just keep using ur poor toes

  2. When you have to take off your shoes, I’ll worry! šŸ™‚

  3. Hi Papa and I really are enjoying your blog. It is very intersting. Have you decided if you are going to Germany first or last? Have you been to see the changing og the guards yet. It’s suppose to be very interesting. Be sure you take lots of pictures. Are you sure you don’t have to take off your shoes to tell what the time is. The weather here is wet and cold hope it gets warm soon. Well I’ll say bye for now. Love you lots
    Papa & Grandma

  4. I can tell you went to a Bethel school – your grammar is awfuk, just like Cory’s (LOL)! I am really enjoying your posts – I can’t believe you liked Haggis (YUCK)! If you run out of fingers, just find a cute local boy and use his (makes for a great pick-up line – Um, can I use your fingers for a sec??)!!

    • PaPa and I really having fun reading about your travels..Glad to see you are willing to try the different foods. Are they food prices fair? By the way, i’m sure you have heard “””” IT’S A BOY “”””” My needle still works.. Keep having fun..There is nothing wrong with using your finger calculators,,Love Ya

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