Posted by: Heather | January 25, 2011

Culloden Battlefeild


Before I tell you about my day, i have a question for you. Have you ever had a conversation with yourself? one in wich you answer your own question, but only realise it when you have the answer in you mind, with out knowing how you came to the answer?
right, read on.

Went out to Culloden battlefield today. The information tour inside is pretty cool.
When I was outside walking along where the Jacobite Line was I turned left and headed for the British Line, after a few minutes I became conscious that there was someone behind me. I wasn’t surprised, there were a few other people wandering around like me, and I hade be contemplating what sort of person prince Charlie must of been, how could he be willing to trade the lives of men,( the very men who he declared to love and want to rule/better their lives) for power? did they mean anything to him? And what about those Scotts, they must have known that the battle wasn’t going to go well for them. What sort of courage did they posses to stay and face death by the english? at that point did they stay out of honor or loyalty?

ok so here i was walking on the right side of the walk way, the person still walking behind me,a few paces’ behind, since they could pass me at anytime they wanted to i didn’t worry about walking too slow, i just kept walking, when i got about half way across the battle field, the person was still keeping pace with me, odd i thought because i was walking a bit slow, so i turned my head to say ‘excuse me’ and let the person pass, since they were apparently unwilling to do so on their own, and i really wasn’t in the mood for a conversation. (the only thing i could think that they would want.)

when i turned my head, no one was there. The sound of footsteps died.

weird right?
whats even weird-er, is that i realized that i had come to the conclusion that, while the battle was horrible, it’s what we learn from it that is whats important now.
when i talk to my self, i dont use ‘we’
so, with the risk of sounding like im off the deep end, i think mr ghosty gave me my answer. pretty cool, but very odd at the same time.

let me know if you all think i’m off my rocker 🙂

love ya.



  1. Heather you ar not off ur rocker u never had a rocker.and that post did nothing but confuse the crap out of me haha nothing new right and I know where u should go next u should go and say hi to the pope haha mention my name there and see if he has a heart attack

  2. I have that feeling all of the time Heather – it comes from being related to your mom and I. Just a friendly spirit to help with your tour . . . .

  3. Don’t let them get to you..Spirits are real. this one was seeing that a beautiful young vistor was safe touring the battle field. Your Mom and Auntie M should remember the one that was in the house on Camellia in Escondido.

  4. Think I saw a thing on that on GhostHunters International, the place is known for a bit of “paranormal” activity! So no, I don’t think you are off your rocker!! XD

  5. I’m glad you understand the importance of the Battle of Culloden. Many of the few survivors were eventually sent to America: That’s where we get a large part of our national belief and value for fighting for our freedoms. (Thank you, Cory and all the vets in our family.)

    I love that entire era of Scotish history. It’s very interesting and has such direct ties to the Revolution here. And there are such wonderful myths about that time, too.

    So, is that a road or a walkway through the battlefield?

    And you shouldn’t think you’re off your rocker. Remember, your part Scot and they’re known for their second-sight.

    • if you look on my facebook the picture before the one with my fingers, is the area i walked with mr. ghosty. : )

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